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Cardmaking with Siri

I’ve been trying to train Siri.

If you’ve got an iPhone 4, you’ll think of her with incredible frustration. iPhone 5 users have got a little nicer feelings toward her, though. I upgraded my phone a short while back, and discovered Siri does more than try to Facetime people I don’t know….she can actually carry on a bit of a conversation! So I thought it might be interesting to try to teach her how to make cards.

The teaching part hasn’t gone so well.

However I’ve found she can add some interest to my cardmaking if I get stumped. Check out my experiment to get her to help me randomize some of my choices as I made cards, and see what she came up with!

The image is called Write Home and it’s by OWH supporter Dustin Pike.

Sandy Allnock - Siri Cardmaking2

Feel free to go SHARE…lots of folks might like to start making cards with Siri!

6 thoughts on “Cardmaking with Siri

  1. As the recipient of one of these cards, I can say without a doubt that Sandy & Siri make a wonderful card making pair. Dudley is the cutest little dragon – so glad I picked him up during the Bloghop.

  2. Ms. Queen: You make coloring look so effortless! Fun, too. Very cute card. My phone is smarter than I am–so smart that I don’t know how to use many of its capabilities! 😉

  3. Well, Sandy, Queen of Copic Markers, you did an adorable card.

  4. I bet Siera is not happy that you have a new helper. lol… I love the card, especialy the colors. Looks like a happy card. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Too funny! I clearly need to update my phone; Sweetie has Siri on his 2nd generation iPad, but she’s never been that conversational. Also great card!

  6. How entertaining……………and the card is really cute! Thanks for sharing. By the way, isn’t Siri helpful? 🙂

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