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Bunnies, Masks, and Airbrush


Hey there – and TGIF to you! I’m so sad this week is coming to an end – it was SO sunny and hot, I even got a little touch of sunburn! But the forecast has it cooling off right quick…bummer! But…I have a pretty summery, cheerful card to share today in my Friday video!

The image is by Stacey Yacula and is available only over at Purple Onion Designs – links in the doobliedoo – don’t blame me if your wallet starts crying! I had to drop a significant dime over there when I discovered Stacey’s work… you may have the same issue! 🙂

Here’s the still of the card…..I wish the interwebs could post color correctly! It’s stunning in real life, I swear! 🙂
Sandy Allnock - Purple Onion Poppy
Before I go – thank you all so much for your comments on yesterday’s little work of art! It wasn’t a pastor gift – some folks seemed to think that. It’s more for something they may want me to do with the students at the college. EEEP! Fortunately it won’t be on the NEAR term horizon!


24 thoughts on “Bunnies, Masks, and Airbrush

  1. I found you on SSS and loved your work. Don’t remember if it was the first one I saw but the peace poinsettia is a special favourite of mine, it looks like you could just pick that flower right up off the card. I also love the way you are not afraid to use colours which may not immediately be the first choice that people would associate with the image.

  2. Sandy, I just was looking around at all kinds of unique ways to do cards and looking at Ellen Hutson dies and happened
    onto you and listened to you with airbrushing and wow, your so interesting watching you create! I love it! First video was you talking about the airbrush systems.

  3. He is just the most adorable bunny ever!

  4. Hi Sandy! I am one of those who can’t remember where I discovered you first. Nor can I remember which video was near the front. I was blown away when after a time of following you I learned you were a regular and Impress which has always been (or was) my go to shop from the start of this money pit of a hobby. I moved to Kelso and it is now too far away for regular trips but still near and dear to my heart. So I got to see you in person last time I was up in Seattle. What I can say is that it is always a pleasure to see you in action whether live or on the Internet. I love Copics and wish I had your talent and would like to mention that thanks to your suggestion I got me a compressor and can’t wait to set it up. Thanks so much for all your awesome videos and helpful tips and suggestions. You are the best!

    1. So glad to hear you got that compressor! It’s addictive…just warnin’ ya! 🙂

  5. I don’t remember how I first found out about you or which video was the first one I watched…but I do enjoy you through my email and on instagam. Thank you for all the tips that you provide and all of your expert advice with the copic markers

  6. I found you through OWH, I couldn’t begin to remember which video I saw first. I’ve been watching your videos for over a year now and love them all. I love the tips, techniques, tutorials, honest reviews, everything. Thanks for all that you do!

  7. Hello Sandy! You asked us to leave a comment about how we found your site…it’s really hard to remember but I think I was checking out copic colouring tutorials and you came up…love all your card making tutorials especially the copic ones! I have just started into card making recently and your site is one of my favourites..your explanations are easy to understand, interesting and fun. I am glad you are getting lots of new subscribers, you are one talented lady! Hope it stays fun for you…I look forward to your emails, blog posts, you tube, and classes..thanks for all you do April

  8. Cute card and great coloring. Enjoyed learning about masking. I have been following you since I started with OWH a few years ago. I don’t remember the first video, but I have seen alot of your videos. I have learned so much and really enjoyed each one. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Sandy, I love your energy and it makes everyone want to do some art. The first video I saw of yours was copic coloring of your original design stamps. You were recommended to watch by YouTube. Much success in your “new” career.

  10. I don’t airbrush yet, but I loved this video. Well, I just love all your posts! I don’t remember how I found your blog, but probably through a hop, and I don’t remember the first video. Sorry. I’m a Copic fan, but whatever you post, I’ll keep watching, because I always learn something.

  11. Sandy, I started subscribing after watching you on OWH. I’m new to cardmaking and love all the instruction, inspiration and design ideas you provide. Not sure what my first video was, but it was sometime earlier this year (Jan. or Feb.) and was definitely from OWH. I LOVE you advice and humor! Can’t get enough.

  12. I’ve been a subscriber for ages and ages; couldn’t tell you the first one I saw of yours. Came via Operation Write Home. thanks for the comparison of different masking products. Lovely card.

  13. I found you from either Jennifer McGuire or Hero Arts! I am a new follower, and I think the first video I saw was just a few weeks ago (an airbrush video). I loved it!! I am mesmerized by the airbrush look, even though I don’t own any copics or an air compressor! Maybe someday! I also LOVE Stacy Yacula designs! 🙂

  14. What a cute bunny! Stunning job with the airbrushing technique! The first video I saw of yours was the Lawn Fawn Critters from the Past copic card video two. Yes I watched them out of order, but I learned so much! Love Copics! Definitely worth the investment.

  15. Love the bright colors on your card today. I came to your blog awhile back by way of OWH. I don’t have any idea what video I saw first, but probably an OWH one. You are solely responsible for the big basket of Copics I have purchased so love seeing Copic videos other than air brushing.

  16. I found you on YouTube and don’t think I’ve missed a single posting. I enjoy the Copic info you share but also the other stuff too. I think most of all, I just enjoy the little “visits” with you – you’re so perky and positive.

  17. Found through OWS. I’ve watched so many of your videos to learn how to make good cards even better. Your lessons on balance and all the different techniques are great. Thanks

  18. I found you on Jennifer Mcquire too during a blog hop!!Sadly I don’t remember which was the first video I saw of yours but I have been a subscriber of yours for almost a year now and I love your videos!! I am into Copic’s but I also love the mix up that you do!!

  19. i found you on a jennifer mcquire/kristina werner bloghop + love your stuff!
    don’t remember first video, but am a newer subscriber…..maybe you wore a construction get-up??!!!
    also,LOVE your sense of humor!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Your coloring is truly astonishing!! Great color combos!!!

  21. The colors are just beautiful!

  22. Sandy, I am one of those new followers of you! While I can’t remember where I first noticed your work, I am a fan of SSS, so it may have been there. When I saw you use the airbrush to make colourful vibrant backgrounds, I was hooked. I was only doing pastel fill the space stuff and want to try more. I have also come to appreciate your simple “slice of life” dialogue which includes things that you might have done differently on a second attempt.

  23. Such a cheerful card especially since it is a little gray here today.

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