I’m back over on the MFT blog again today – this time with a couple Brusho projects! 
Any science fans out there?? I’m Sandy Allnock and it’s time for a little confession. When I was in school, I loved the idea of science. I loved all the pretty beakers, and all the things to mix in them, watch them bubble and broil. But I couldn’t get past the way the science lab smelled! Okay okay, for you scientists, that might be your love, or I might have just had fellow students who liked to mix up stinky things! But today I bring you science that makes the artist in me happy. Are you ready?

Brusho…and science!

I’ve made two cards today, one using leftover parts from the other – don’t waste those bits! And in the video, I’ll show you a couple different ways to apply your watercolor powders to your work. 1) Dropping powder into pools of water; 2) Picking up brusho from a palette or work surface; and 3) Spritzing with water! Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!

There are a couple different brands of watercolor powders – after playing with different ones, my favorite is Brusho. I love my little caps I made for them too – you can see more on that HERE, as well as some differences between different ones.diebackground

The first card came out so cute using just the dies – before cutting anything apart! Lots of times the dies are set up so that verticals are vertical, or there are interesting patterns they can create. When you get a new set, think about it before getting out your snipping tools! And if one part of the die set looks odd – like the “insides” of the beakers in the lower left here – just put your sentiment panel there. Easy peasy!beakers

The little Pure Innocence stamps are so much fun to color – and I used similar techniques for her as for the background above. Just dropping watercolor powder into wet areas, and drying them in between.


For the background for card two, a spritz of water and sprinkle of powder made that fun cloud of bubbling beakers! And to color those little “contents” for the beakers was easy too – spritz and sprinkle!

heartyou The watercolor powders work on other watercolor papers, but I love how nicely they move on the Arches Rough Cold Press – it’s got a texture that pushes color in fun ways! On my blog today I’ve got a playlist of more Brusho videos if the product intrigues you. WARNING: It’s highly addictive!

More on Brusho

I thought today I’d provide a few Brusho resources for you guys too….



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