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Boxing Day Birthday Card


Merry Day-After-Christmas! Otherwise known as Boxing Day to some….I always thought it was a day to return all those boxes full of gifts  you didn’t want, but according to Wikipedia, it’s a day that employers would give gifts to their staff. (I think that means I give Punch and Tsuki a box of treats?)  But…since my birthday card for my Mom had boxes on it (her birthday was yesterday – Christmas Day)…I thought I’d just play off of that for today’s inspiration.

Enjoy the video below or click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube.

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Sandy Allnock - Boxing Day Birthday Card2

Things of Note

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  • I spent some time on Christmas playing around with my markers again…check it out on Instagram.
  • European friends: I just booked my ticket to come across the pond! Stay tuned for more info…trip is in February!


8 thoughts on “Boxing Day Birthday Card

  1. This card is very beautiful! thanks for all the inspiration you give us!

  2. No idea what boxing day means but I love your card!!

  3. Among your many talents, I now see you also have the patience of a saint to use that thin branch with tiny parts and itsy bitsy packages. Such intricate detail work all shiny and embossed. Beautiful card!

  4. Sandy, as usual, your card is beautiful. You truly have an awesome art talent in whatever you touch. Thanks for the helpful tips you always give. God bless, Linda Hott

  5. I heard Boxing Day was the day for boxing up items for charity to make room in closets for the gifts one received. Lovely card!

  6. You’re mom will be proud of you when she receives this card. Although she probably already is.

  7. OMG, this IS cute and fresh. So sweet, your MOM is going to love it! Genius, using the embossing powder overwink of Stella. I should have thought of that myself. Clearly, I’m not as clever as you.

  8. Cute card for you Mom. Love how you added snow to the branches. I am adding the Emboss It Dabber to my wish list. Great tips too. TFS

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