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Black Friday festivities

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Hey everyone – I’m at the airport, and wanted to get the Black Friday coupon codes etc out to you….but I’m on limited internet!! My two biggest favorites for today:

  1. Simon Says Stamp’s Friday sale – today’s sale is 15% off EVERYthing with coupon code BLACKFRIDAYSALE – and keep your eyes peeled all weekend for more. My purchase this morning? THIS stamp set! Woohoo!
  2. Online Card Classes Friday to Monday$5 off each of independent card classes – no coupon code needed. This includes the Copic Markers for Card Makers! Head HERE to pick out a class.
  3. Ellen Hutson’s first 7 hours today are nearly over (click HERE to see what I’m getting and grab that morning coupon code), but take 15%  off for the rest of the weekend on everything in stock using code anniv2014. *****I just added THIS deliciousness and THIS die to my cart before clicking that ol’ pay button….the OWH bloghop inspired me!***

And since I’ve seen a couple of my favorite bloggers giving a REALLY complete list, so I’m going to shop from airports using their links:  Jennifer McGuireNichol Maguoirk, and Julie Ebersole!

**edited to add…ohemGEE I also need the freebie set over at Lawn Fawn….off to pick out some stamps!**

A peek into my shopping cart

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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re all having a fantabulous day…If ya missed it, go check out my silly list of tips for Thanksgiving for crafters over on the Stars and Stamps blog! And I want you, dear readers, to know I am thankful for YOU. The crafting community. My friends, my subbies, my fellow crafting addicts.

Shop with me!

And since we’re girlfriends, and one of the things we do together is shop, I figured I’d take you shopping with me. Some of you have been asking for a heads up on what I’ll be using in the future so you can get it ahead of time and be ready…so for once, I’ll share my shopping list with you. And after getting all my Christmas shopping done this week for everyone ELSE, I now know I have some budget left for lil ol’ me, so I’m going to be placing a few orders! I’m privvy to a few coupon codes and sales coming up, so I thought I’d share the ones that I can —- and what I’m ordering! (Sorry about not typing out the names of everything, even a list like this is time consuming; but if you click on the linked words, it’ll open a new window for you, so you can come back here and click more.)

Coupon code at Simon Says Stamp for ya: 30% off Simon-branded products using the code SIMONBRAND, today (Thanksgiving) only. 

  • What am I buying? THIS cardstock sampler is out of stock right now but it’s in my cart for next time; THIS die set OMG I need it, and also have reserved THIS amaaaazing set; I keep seeing THIS stencil and decided it’s coming to my house now, and THIS one is needed with my current circles addiction. And somehow I missed THIS die set and it looks like fun…and I’m getting THIS background die too.  I just did a search and there are over 900 items to pick from, so take your time lookin’!
  • My faves that I already have? Just a few: THESE critters, THESE flowers, THIS ink (oh YUM), THIS cardstock sampler, and a must-have die has got to be THIS one. Love THIS sentiment set, and THIS one that is similar but different. I do love THESE dies too. I also just used THESE stencils and will be sharing the project soon in my art journal. Yes, I said art journal! It be cray cray!

Coupon codes to use over at Ellen’s tomorrow....for the first 7 hours on Friday (starting midnight Pacific Time), early birds get 20% off everything in stock using early2014; that’s then 15% the rest of the weekend using code anniv2014. It goes back up to 20% on Cyber Monday, but you’ll wanna shop while what you want is still in stock!

  • What am I buying? I’m setting my alarm to be up at oh-dark-thirty to shop…excited to finally get THIS set, and THIS one too. And THIS single stamp for some more holiday cards. And THESE dies will be awesome for tags. I have some ideas to play with stencils, so I’m grabbing THIS one, THIS one, and THIS one if I can. Then some staples like THIS tape, THIS thingamabob, THESE refills, and I seriously need a fresh one of THESE. I’m pretty sure I’m about out of THIS too, since I’ve been using it a ton lately.
  • Some faves that I already have? Of exclusives at EH: several sets from the holiday release (AWESOME), THIS and THIS for airbrush masking. I’ll be using THIS one soon, I have an idea burning a hole in my inkpad! I love THIS stencil, and THIS one too. And THIS OWH one. And oh gosh if you don’t have one of THESE, get them before they’re unavailable—I hear they’re not being made anymore! I have the big and medium and small. Yes. One of each. Call me obsessive.

These stores get my regular big orders (eeeep!), but I also love to shop directly with the manufacturers too (they make more money when we do that, and I like to make sure they’re makin’ money so they keep makin’ me stamps!). I’ll be sharing some more links and coupon codes if I can – I wrote this post into the weeeee hours of Weds night, and I’m getting ready to travel tomorrow – so I hope I’ll find time to share the rest of my shopping lists!

One more thing…I wanted share a nutty selfie with Beyoncé the chicken! Never heard the story? You simply must check it out. Be ready for a gut-wrenching laugh!

2014-11-25 13.35.18


Hyper Realism with Copic Markers

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Sandy Allnock - Hyper Realism

This week, I picked a card I made HERE, but had never made a video for….and it was time! Especially with tomorrow being turkey day. This is a one-layer card, once again, and uses the same stamp set as that original card, just with a different colors and sentiment.

Please know that this is one of those cards that’ll be hard for the average person to do; I can teach techniques for trees or hair, but trying to make an object look like it’s shaded perfectly is tough. I studied for years, went to countless extra life drawing sessions and taught some myself, and it takes tons of practice. I always encourage trying things out – but don’t be discouraged if you find this challenging! If you can’t see the video below, click HERE to watch it directly on YouTube.

If you scroll through my blog and see something from a while back that you wanna recommend a “refresh” on, let me know!

This Thanksgiving Eve, I would ask one small favor: think about your list of friends, and one or two who are single. Pick up the phone and invite them to your Thanksgiving feast. A tip: don’t call and ask if they have plans; it’s awkward for the one stuck having to answer “no,” or if they just lied and said “yes” then they can’t back out of that to accept your invitation. Simply invite them for dinner. It’ll be appreciated more than you know.


Magical Monday: Santa Louis

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Sandy Allnock Santa Louis

Gooooood Monday morning to you! I hope some of you are off work today – perhaps taking a long week for Thanksgiving?

If you look at the colored image for the stamp I’m using today on the Stamping Bella site (HERE), you might not, like me, grasp that it’s a kid on a dog. I thought it was a chubby santa on…well a grey funky reindeer. LOL. I neeeeeded to buy it and color it anyway – and as I started the coloring and the image began telling me its “story,” well….I was fully sold. Little Louis has taken the day off school, and is pretending his dog is a reindeer….though I’m not certain what dog in their right mind would let a little kiddo like this hop on his back! Ha! And since Louis isn’t wearing a coat, I “asked” him if he was inside or outside…and it’s a warmish melting-snow kind of day.

The little “shanty” house is from the Art Impressions watercolor collection – perfect little size for this scene! If you can’t see the video below, click HERE to watch it on YouTube in HD.

So now that I’ve outed myself about talking to stamps and getting a story from them….do you talk to yours? Or is it just me?

Things of Note

  • I created THIS during one of my classes this weekend (video by a student!)
  • Over on my friend Kathy’s blog – BIG chances to win. 14 of them. Do not miss it. Click HERE!
  • Don’t forget about the card drive HERE! They’re due on the 28th, which is Friday – mail them out today, or tomorrow at the latest!


Birds, Leaves, and Berries…for ABNH!

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Sandy Allnock - Embossed Paste

Hello there! So excited to be visiting over on A Blog Named Hero today….they’re going Christmas-crazy too, and I decided to be an overachiever and make a video as well! It’s Texture Paste – with cool embossing powders added on top. It created a really awesome bubbled up texture that I just loved!

Please click HERE to watch the video on YouTube.

One caveat I didn’t realize til after creating the card and video – those EPs are no longer being made. (Dangit! They stayed in my Play Drawer too long!) I did link up some that I found on Amazon in the supply list below, so if these are on your must-have list, go get ‘em right away, since they’re discontinued. Might be the last chance. There’s a bunch more colors in the associated list once you get to that page.

And do me a big ol’ favor and pop over to A Blog Named Hero and leave a little love? Thanks!

One last thing – I have an ancient heat gun, so I’ve linked you below to the one that’s on my wishlist. Some day soon I’ll be buying that one…mmm!


——— S U P P L I E S ———

Dina Wakley Media Palette Knife 
Ranger Texture Paste
Evergreen, Birds & Leaves Stencil
Hero Arts Letterpress Paper, White
Distress Embossing Powder, Peeled Paint
Distress Embossing Powder, Mustard Seed
COPIC Sketch R89
Non-Stick Craft Sheet
Hero Arts Layering Paper, Mixed Blush 
Ice Stickles, Christmas Red 
Mini Glossy Accents 
Glossy Accents 
Merry Message 
Hero Arts Embossing Gun 

Christmas Penguins

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I’m headed across the nation on a jet plane at the buttcrack of dawn today…excited to see my family for the Thanksgiving holiday! And I’ll be teaching at Queen’s Ink all weekend too, so I hope to see some of you in Savage MD! I spoke with them a few days ago and opened up a few extra spots in classes – so if you wanted to come and it was full, go call the store. (Phone number is on my classes page.)

Today I thought I’d share a little penguin card – I just adore that little penguin at the end of the line – totally just like me! Sandy Allnock Christmas Penguins

This was the first card where I tested THESE new little bottles with Glossy Accents in them – and YAY for a super tiny nib that’ll guide the liquid only onto the little bells! Wheee! I have 5 bottles now with my most-used liquids in them…and I am just stoked.

Sandy Allnock Christmas Penguins2

Items of Note

I’ve noticed quite a lot of you are clicking on my crazy link lists…if you have silly stuff — or crazy cool stuff – that I should add, link me up and I’ll see about adding it to one of these weekly lists!

I’ve been making a lot more Christmas cards than I’ve got room to post here on my blog, so if you want to see at least peeks at some of them, be sure to check Instagram. Sometimes I remember to tweet them too, but IG has my heart. LOL. All these dang social media!

I’ll be back on Saturday with a post containing my weekend video – it goes live late in the day. Don’t get scared. Just hang tight. It’s a pretty cool one! I nearly burnt my finger off, but all was well in the end. *grin* See you Saturday!


Luminary Advent Calendar

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Sandy Allnock Luminary Advent Calendar

Hello – and welcome to a Technique Refresh that’s completely different!

No cards here. No markers. No coloring. But I wanted to create a holiday decoration for my craft room – and thought an Advent Calendar would be pretty awesome. A few years ago I made THIS one during my term as a May Arts Ribbonista…I gave that one to a little friend, and now need one for me for this year. The goal was to make a grown-up decoration this time around. I had a few ideas, but each one turned into a giant fail….and I needed to get it done before leaving for my trip. So what did I do? I turned to Google!

It’s truly amazing how much is out there on the interwebs…and I was VERY excited to find Taryn’s idea – candles? Genius! I kept trying to make calendars that would have a “to do” each day….an ornament in them, or a candy, or whatnot. But I really only wanted it for counting down to Christmas – and candles achieve that in a more grownup way than candies. (Plus candles won’t add to my waistline!)

Here’s how I did it….including some pretty night time twinkly peeks at what Christmas Eve will look like when all 24 candles are lit up. If you can’t see the video below, click HERE to watch it directly on YouTube.

If you have plans to make any kind of Advent Calendar and need the circles that I created for this – click HERE to download a pdf.

And also – if you made an Advent Calendar this year, leave me a link…after all my failed experiments, I’d love to see what you made!

And hey – there’s a cool little plug-in I added to my blog, and it serves up some ‘related’ articles based on the text I wrote—changing them as I add text! (Very cool technology, eh?) So if you’re looking for an idea, there’s a few more here for ya. Enjoy!

Magical Monday 4: Special Delivery

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Sandy Allnock - Special Delivery

It’s Monday…so as always (of late), it’s time for a Magical Monday video…no yammering at you. Just for Mondays. I know some of you are saying ya miss the yammering, but others miss me being quiet on the other days. :0)

In this video, you’ll get to watch me change my mind on my airbrushing colors a bajillion times. Originally it was going to be white at the bottom – but that didn’t quite suit what I saw happening as this progressed. LOL. Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. Instead of a whole snowbank, Rudolph just has an iceberg all his own. (Which I recall happening in the claymation cartoon….so I’m going with it!)

If you can’t see the video above, click HERE to watch it directly on the YouTubes!



God’s little gifts

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A few days ago, I went out for my first walk in over a month on the dog trail…and was greeted by some beautiful sights.
Sandy Allnock - GodsGift1

Sandy Allnock - GodsGift2

Sandy Allnock - GodsGift3

Sandy Allnock - GodsGift4

Sandy Allnock - GodsGift5

Sandy Allnock - GodsGift6

Sandy Allnock - GodsGift7

I’m so glad I took my camera with me….not only does it shoot much better video than I’ve ever been able to do…but it takes incredible photos like these. Keep your eyes peeled for a little more photography on occasion, perhaps!

A few things of note

  • If you’re a typography geek like me, or if you love hand lettering – check THIS out.
  • So stoked that Nichol was so inspired she made THIS! (Be sure to watch her video!)
  • I had posted these creations on Instagram a while back; there’s a video HERE on how I did them.
  • I’m excited to be visiting at Savvy HERE! And AI got excited about THIS. Makes me smile! :)

I’ll be out of town for a little over a week starting later on this week, back after Thanksgiving – but there’ll be plenty to entertain you here while I’m gone. And on OWHtv. Be sure to follow me on Instagram, I’ll keep that up to date with fresh stuff!

Whimsical Architecture, Inktense Pencils

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Sandy Allnock Whimsical Architecture

And now…for something completely different.

I didn’t really know where this one was heading, but…I had been playing with THESE pencils, (which come in THIS set too, and I can’t wait to get it) on THIS paper. I tried this with a few images, and not all worked…but the snowman came out fab. If you can’t see the video below, click HERE to watch directly on YouTube.

A note about the linked brush set: It’s a 1, 6, and 12 – instead of the 2, 6, and 8 that I bought individually. You don’t wanna know what I paid for mine individually at the art store. Eeeep!

Final reminder: the sale on Copics (25% off) is over at 11:59pm Eastern tonight! Click here and shop fast! Hoping my order from Simon gets here today…happy mail comin’ my way!

——— S U P P L I E S ———

Simon Says Stamp 100# Doll Pink
Ranger Archival Ink Pad JET BLACK
Grumbacher Watercolor Brush set
Art Impressions Stamp Set Merry Christmas To All
Marine Navigation Parallel Plotter
Electric Pencil Sharpener

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