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Hedgehugs in Painterly Copic Watercolor

Posted by on Jan 28, 2015 in Copic watercolor, Copics, Featured, Lawn Fawn | 16 comments

Sandy Allnock Hedgehugs Painterly Copic Watercolor

More Copic watercolor, you ask? Are there more ways to do it? Well heck yes! I’ve been experimenting so I can offer a variety of options for you – this one will be especially for those who like brushes and palettes for watercoloring. Enjoy the video below, or click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube!

Even with the extra bleeding that I had to work through, I love love love how this came out! In the supply list below, I’ve linked to a round palette, which I own – but shown in the video is also THIS watercolor palette too. Anything plastic with wells in it will work for this technique.
Sandy Allnock Hedgehugs Copic Watercolor2

Copic Watercolor..not so beloved?

By the way – some of my Copic watercolor videos seem to be garnering more “thumbs down” on YouTube – whaaa? Not quite sure what’s up with those folks. Wish they just unsubscribe if they don’t like what I’m doing. Be sure to go over and give it a thumbs up to counter them, will ya? Thanks!


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Anyone want to take bets on whether or not I can find more Copic watercolor techniques? lol!

Magical Monday: Tiny Heroes (almost!)

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Sandy Allnock - Tiny Heroes - Magical Monday

Happy Magical Monday! I’ve had several requests to use my little superheroes on a card….and until now, I had hesitated. Why? Because they were for a Simon Says Stamp special limited release only during Stamptember 2014! I don’t like showing you things you can’t go buy – because I know it makes you guys sad. But guess what?!?!? There’s a brand spanking new Tiny Heroes set you can now get!! You can do the same thing with them that I did here…so I figured it’s an okay alternative :) They’re superduper close to these. (Link at the end of this post!)

Enjoy my Magical Monday video with a cool city night scene I created…watch it below or click HERE to check it out in HD on YouTube!

For the sentiment – I did a few things. First, stamped it onto the card itself. I colored in “TOGETHER” with red marker, then covered that with Glossy Accents to add some emphasis to it. I then took a piece of tissue paper and stamped the small sentiment on it – I wanted something to make it pop more on the card since it disappeared into the shadows under their feet, but not so much white. I didn’t have any vellum in da house (gotta go shopping!), so tissue paper worked, even if it was tough to deal with. (I ended up putting a strip of tape runner on the card instead of the tissue.)Sandy Allnock - Tiny Heroes2

Things of note

  • A bonus pair of videos are live today, for those who are interested in even more from me today (gluttons, lol!): One is HERE on OWHtv, the other is HERE at Hero Arts!
  • Thanks for all the feedback on yesterday’s kitty post! Looks like it was a tech fail since I couldn’t figure out how to fix it easily, but I’ll test something again soon.
  • I think the Magical Monday videos are finally catching on…thanks for giving me grace to not have to voice over at least these videos each week!


Below are the products featured in today’s project. Affiliate and product disclosure can be found HERE.

Go out and have a Magical Monday!

Gansai Tambi Kitty Cat Face Painting

Posted by on Jan 25, 2015 in Featured, Kuretake, Watercolor | 74 comments

I needed to test something out with technology today… Don’t mind me. I’ll share a piece of art with you to distract you from my crazy geeking test.

Cat Face Painting

A little bonus for those visiting during my test: a little cat face painting I worked on last night. I was sitting on the sofa doodling it – so there won’t be a video; I’m not likely to have this kind of success again! lol. But who knows, I may try again sometime.
I created this cat face painting of Tsuki, my fat lil black kitty, with my Kuretake watercolors on Strathmore paper…she’s a black cat and I started out wanting the blue and purple as undercoats, but then decided I liked it and didn’t add much black.

By the way, if anyone out there knows: should we all be calling these – Gansai paints? Tambi? I don’t know what the Japanese would answer, so I just call them my Kuretake watercolors since that’s easier to remember. Maybe I’ll go ask the company. :)

*edited to add: Thanks to cgpwriter who commented: “Gansai is Japanese for paint (s) or color pigment. “Gansei Tambi” is a trademark thing with Kuretake. Tambi means “aesthetic.”  I also asked Kuretake on Instagram, and they said they use the hashtag #gansaitambi so they weren’t terribly helpful – I thought perhaps they’d pick one word or the other! lol.
Sandy Allnock - cat face painting, Kuretake watercolors
I don’t think I’ll create a video with this one… It’s really hard to redo a painting a second time.

However, I’m gathering a bigger collection of paintings/drawings now…and I’m considering putting them in my store once I figure out what kinds of prices to put on them. Anybody know of a site where I can get pricing recommendations?

Gotta jet and see if this test worked. So far so good! Have a lovely Sunday!

**test failed! phoo! I’ve fixed the post now, but – leave me a comment if you saw anything weird – pics turned sideways, huge, etc – and whether that was in email or on the blog, on a phone v computer. Trying to figure out what I have to do to blog from Europe and not have posts go wonky….but at least this post seems worth the effort since you all seemed to like my cat face painting!

Watercolor Flowers Series: #1, Sun Catcher

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Sandy Allnock - Watercolor flowers No1

I’m beginning a watercolor flowers series as I prepare for my trip to Europe next month…soooo excited! But I seriously need to loosen up my watercolor skills. I’m also trying to play with all my different watercolor sets to figure out which to take with me…so look out for more coming up!

Watercolor flowers

I wanted to make watercoloring something that would look like a freehand painting into something anyone could try…so I’m using stencils! In the video, I’ll show you where to place pencil lines for the petals – so pick up the stencil (links below) and paint along with me. Enjoy the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

Watercolor flowers can be painted for cards – or for art on your wall! This one ended up on a card but would also have made a lovely gift if it were framed.

Sandy Allnock - Watercolor flowers No1

Next Friday I’ll share #2 in the series, and I decided to be nice and give you a heads up on the stencil I’ll be using…you can put it on the same order as this one and be ready to paint along with me. (I’m also linking to both watercolor papers used in these two videos – either one works great.)

I might continue this series if it’s popular – so leave some love here and on the video, and I’ll see if I can work up some more for you!



Hopefully this series will continue past these two – leave some love to make sure that happens! You can find all of them by searching for the watercolor flowers tag in the sidebar of my blog.

Copic Watercolor: learning from Ranger (Bird Crazy)

Posted by on Jan 21, 2015 in Copic watercolor, Copics, Featured, Ranger, Tim Holtz | 17 comments

Sandy Allnock- Copic Ranger

Copic watercolor

Today’s video stems from a little happening at CHA! I fell in {puffyheartlove} with Tim’s new Bird Crazy stamps. Oh MAN. A store owner I know (Kate from Absolutely Everything north of Boston!) happened to get her hot little hands on a set, and I chased her around for days trying to borrow it to just stamp one to color…it was killing me not to color them! I finally did get one inked up, and as a thank-you to her, I gave her the first colored image that she could put on a card sample in her store…and she loved it. (Yay!) It’s this one…if you go to the store, take a selfie with it and send it to me, ok?

Sandy Allnock - Tim Holtz Bird Crazy, Copic watercolor

Kate showed it to Tim – and he didn’t seem able to believe that Copic could do this with “just” the markers – he wanted to know what else I used. So guess what? I made a video to show him how I created Copic watercolor! I added a bonus challenge for myself…I used Ranger inks and made a crazy background first, then tried to imitate that one with my markers. It’s not perfect, but pretty dang close. Enjoy the video below, or click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube!

The finished one isn’t an exact replica, but few would look at this and guess it was Copic marker:

Sandy Allnock- Copic Ranger2

Below is the card using the distress ink background…I tried painting with Peacock Feathers and Picked Raspberry to cover the color all over the bird, so it’s a little funky. But I think it mostly works, too! The eyes are a bit greenish since I couldn’t wash out much of the color from them….I think I like the Copic watercolor version better, simply because I could make it a bit brighter.

Sandy Allnock- Copic Ranger4

PS Thanks to those who were cheering me on for what was supposed to be my 10th Toastmasters speech – and would have garnered me a CC. Some meeting signup confusion led to me postponing my speech for 2 weeks…so keep on a-prayin’!


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To see more of my Copic watercolor pieces, search in my sidebar list for the tag!

That shiny gold paint you wanted?

Posted by on Jan 19, 2015 in Featured, Watercolor | 10 comments

**edited to add: is sold out again. Early birds got those golden worms! Be sure to subscribe to my blog if you missed it…I’ll keep ya notified when they’re back in.2015-01-19 10.11.23

It’s finally in, I’ve been on the lookout for you. Click HERE to get them before they run out again! (They were used on THIS tag and THIS card.)

FYI here’s a sneak peek of something else I used them on, coming soon…if you want the other stuff for this one while you’re already shopping for the paints (I know some of you like to craft along with me) – you’ll need the dies HERE  and HERE. I used THESE paints with the gold (The smallest set would work, just limits the amount of color selection. If you’ve been dying for the big set – it’s finally in too.) Don’t forget to make sure you have something to paint on t0o. That’d be a bummer, eh?


You’re welcome!

Magical Monday: Copic Coloring Tina’s Flyover

Posted by on Jan 19, 2015 in Art Impressions, Copics, Featured, Magical Monday | 12 comments

Sandy Allnock - Copic Coloring Tina Flyover

Sometimes a stamp really does suggest how to do its Copic coloring background pretty easily…and Tina is flying through the air – so she totally needed a  city behind her to do a flyover!

Copic coloring a whimsical background

I asked my friend Kate over at Art Impressions why the stamp set is called “Tina,” since I know they always have a good story. This set was released last year along with THIS one – which is called “Val.” So the two of them together? Val-and-Tina…Valentine! Cute, eh? (The sentiment on my card is from the “Val” set!)  Enjoy the video below – or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube!

I found myself really hoping her balloon is SERIOUSLY strong if she’s flying this high. LOL. But I have to say, Copic coloring this crazy little city is something I’ll do again – so easy to doodle!Sandy Allnock - Tina Flyover2

Pssst the winners from the Pretty Pink Posh bloghop are posted – go see if you won!


In case you are new to my blog: Magical Mondays, usually Copic coloring videos, are not voiced over – just to give me a break once a week so I don’t need to come up with more to say.

Art Journal ideas : “Dream” with Copic Markers

Posted by on Jan 18, 2015 in Art Journal, Copic watercolor, Copics, Featured | 11 comments

Sandy Allnock - Dream - Art journal ideas

Art journal ideas

I had posted a partial #wip (#workinprogress) back HERE, and finally completed the page yesterday at my stamp club – and I was so excited to be done! This one was way more intricate than anything I had done before – so by the time I got to the last section I was toast. LOL. I finally finished one of my art journal ideas!

Folks on Instagram wanted a little more info so I figured I’d post it here and give you guys some links to the products used – at least all the ones I can find. I’m not sure who makes the clock stencil; I received it from an overseas Secret Santa (it’s actually an alarm clock, I just cut off the top ringer parts. Nobody needs a clock that makes noise anymore, right? rofl!)

The inspiration for this piece came from THIS painting – big thanks to Dean Russo for the inspiration! I did a little stamping, along with a lot of doodling and coloring! Even a little stencilling too.

As for the Dylusions art journal–the paper isn’t the ‘perfect’ kind to use with Copics, but it works well nonetheless. Remember…it’s an art journal and isn’t about “perfect” Copic coloring. It’s all about experimenting. I can get plenty enough blending going on to be able to quickly test out techniques that will translate well to my Neenah later on. It does bleed through a lot; I’m coloring every other spread, and will add adhesive to the “backs” to cover that bleeding. Or else I could add paper on top, but right now I’m not overly concerned about using absolutely every side of every page.

The stamped sentiment, Dream until your dreams come true, is from a stamp set that’s in a bunch of the OWH fundraiser envelopes HERE… your chances of ending up with that one are pretty good!

As for videos – I didn’t shoot any coloring of the Dream page above, but I did show one of my art journal ideas on a page in the video below (click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube)….supplies list for this Paper Smooches page is HERE.

And there’s a video below with the Julie Nutting doll, and I just noticed it’s over 3,000 views so I guess folks liked it!….Enjoy it below or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube. If you want to see the blog post with supplies – click HERE.

I haven’t created a cover for my art journal ideas yet – working on what to “call” it. It’s going to be an all-Copic journal (I may get another journal to use with other media)….so I want some kind of special title. If you have ideas, leave them in the comments, I’d love some ideas!

Things of note

  1. Well over 150 copies of THIS have been sent to me. Stopped counting…hoping it dies down soon! ha.
  2. I just bought one of THESE and one of THESE for my trip to Europe and can’t WAIT.
  3. I’m ecstatic that my stamps and dies are now ORGANIZED! Picked up a bunch of THESE to do that – and THESE for the dies. I am delirious. Note that the envelopes I’m using are the heavyduty kind (though I’m not replacing the thinner ones I had bought previously. Just as I add, I’m adding the heavy ones.)


I’m looking forward to sharing more of my art journal ideas with you in the future…this book has lots of pages!

Realistic Copic Coloring Berry Good Fruit

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Before getting started on this post – I enjoyed lovely visit with Jamie at CHA – I stopped in to say hello and it’s always nice to be greeted with hugs – and selfies!


Sandy Allnock - Realistic Copic Coloring Berry Good Fruit

Realistic Copic coloring fruit

It’s a new year – and lots of folks are trying to live a healthier year ahead. I am too – not as a formal resolution; those tend to just make me want what I can’t have even more! LOL. But realistic Copic coloring fruit seemed like good inspiration…and it did lead to cravings for pears! Mmmmm good! When Enjoy the video below, or click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube.

The pear was one of my favorites; I love that the colors go from yellows to pinks to oranges to greens!Sandy Allnock - Coloring Pears

The water drops on the pear surprised even me – yeep! Don’t you love when something like this happens?Sandy Allnock - Coloring Peaches

Cherries are just like any round objects we color…they just need shadows and little highlights!Sandy Allnock - Coloring Cherries

Last but not least, the lemon! The pores on lemons were a surprise to me; if I had been asked before this realistic Copic coloring exercise to describe the look of a lemon, I wouldn’t have said it has pores!Sandy Allnock - Coloring LemonsA note about this stamp set – the sentiments in the set generally fit inside most of the fruits. I left them all outside, so my coloring would show. After that kind of work you don’t want to hid it!

I’ve linked up each stamp’s colors separately below – and I’ve also linked the dies too, in case you’d like them – I wanted mine cut allll the way to the edge so I did my fussycutting for these cards. Finishing touches for all four are in the bottom section.

Pear Supplies





Leaves and the rest of the cards:

If you wanted to learn realistic Copic coloring – what would the image be?

Bruce is back (with stamp masking tips)!

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Sandy Allnock - Bruce with masking tips

Bruce is back! You might remember him from my last-minute-addition to my tag collection…and many of you asked for him to be back with Copics. So here we go with a Stamp Masking Technique Refresh this week!

Stamp Masking isn’t all that hard!

Bruce has a huge pile of mail he’s been sorting through, looking for one special heart. Is it yours? In the video I show you some quick ways to mask by just placing sticky notes – no need for fussy cutting or fancy tools! Enjoy the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

Despite this looking like a lot of work – I was done, start to finish, stamp masking and coloring, in well under an hour. It’s not so tough if you plan it out right!

Sandy Allnock - Bruce with stamp masking tips

PS – I’m in CHA-recovery mode. I posted a few of my photos and a few little tidbits HERE!


Below are the products featured in today’s project. Affiliate and product disclosure can be found HERE.

Stamp masking doesn’t have to be daunting – did this post help you to think about trying it?

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