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Boxing Day Birthday Card

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Sandy Allnock - Boxing Day Birthday Card

Merry Day-After-Christmas! Otherwise known as Boxing Day to some….I always thought it was a day to return all those boxes full of gifts  you didn’t want, but according to Wikipedia, it’s a day that employers would give gifts to their staff. (I think that means I give Punch and Tsuki a box of treats?)  But…since my birthday card for my Mom had boxes on it (her birthday was yesterday – Christmas Day)…I thought I’d just play off of that for today’s inspiration.

Enjoy the video below or click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube.

Need that Dabber? Get a discount using the coupon code below. You’re welcome! (Christmas is over now, it’s legal to shop for YOU!)

Sandy Allnock - Boxing Day Birthday Card2

Things of Note

  • SALE! If you wanted to try that Dabber from Ranger…all products from Ranger are 20% off at Simon using coupon code RSALE until Dec 30th. Now’s a great time to go pick one up!
  • SALE! Been wanting any Impress-exclusive items? 20% off sale in the entire store using coupon code thankyou2014 !!
  • NEW CLASSES! I’ll be teaching two more classes while in California for CHA – on Saturday and Sunday evenings in Anaheim! They’re Copic classes and will be using the brand spanking new (and not yet seen!) OWH fundraiser stamps from Hero Arts. Yeah! It’s for store owners and employees only…click HERE for the registration form. Please feel free to take a copy to your LSS and ask them to come to class and hear all about OWH!
  • I spent some time on Christmas playing around with my markers again…check it out on Instagram.
  • European friends: I just booked my ticket to come across the pond! Stay tuned for more info…trip is in February!


Nativity: Luke 2

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Sandy Allnock Nativity Ornaments

On Christmas Eve: my last little Christmas treat….these are this year’s ornaments I made for the members of my Toastmasters Club. (Click HERE to see last year’s.) Enjoy the video below, or watch it in HD on YouTube by clicking HERE.

Step-by-step instructions, since the video isn’t as explanatory:

  1. Place Neenah cardstock in Big Ugly or other stamp positioner. Ink up the star section with Versamark and stamp it with the stamp lined up in the positioner. Heat emboss with clear embossing powder.
  2. With ink blending tool, cover surface with distress inks, blending as desired.
  3. Ink up the bottom of the stamp with black ink, align it in the positioner, and stamp it.
  4. Diecut shape as desired, adhere to black card base and add ribbon.

This project, by the way, was a bit last-minute; I remembered on the morning of our TM club party that I had wanted to make ornaments for club members again. So I needed to come up with something mass-producible in an afternoon! I did turn the camera on at least, right? :) The gifts went over very well….so it was worth the effort!

Update: The other day I told you about a project to do for my church’s Christmas drama. Scroll through THIS page to see work-in-progress pics, finished one is below. It came out great, and I saw it hanging up on the set last night. Looked fab, whew!! Hope to get pics of it on the stage tonight – I forgot my phone last night!


I won’t “chat” with you here til Friday – so have a blessed Christmas!!!


Magical Monday: Chickadee Ornament

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Sandy Allnock - Chickadee Ornament

Gooooooooood Monday morning to you! I know some of you have the week off – I hope you don’t have to run around like mad to get the shopping done! Maybe today’s gentle and short video will inspire you to just slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy the week. If you’d like to watch the video below in HD on YouTube, click HERE.

A few details about the card – I diecut a circle for the ornament, then a larger one…and I used clear embossing powder on that circle before marrying it back up with the card base.The black twine started out a cream color – and I used a black Copic Marker on it to turn it black. I tied it around the gold silk to keep it snugged tight on the

Sandy Allnock Chickadee Ornament 2

Things of note

  • Bummer news: Punch didn’t make it into the Talking Animals video. Darn! But it’s cute – have a look HERE.
  • Punch is pretty sad his video HERE has 2 dislikes. Who can dislike a singing cat?
  • All the tags but 2 have been claimed – I think I can reach them, so I’mma gonna try that before picking new names.
  • Winner of the “Christmas Kiss” card: canadiancaroline! Congratulations!

I’m off to do emergency art today – the Christmas drama at church needs a sign made for the set…for the Wednesday night performance. So who’s working on it on Monday? Me! lol! Last minute charlie…let’s see if I can pull a reindeer out of santa’s hat!


A meowy 12 days of Christmas!

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Happy last Sunday of Advent, friends! ONLY FOUR MORE SLEEPS!!!

I’ve got a little something different for you today….no tutorial video! Gasp!! But…Punch wanted to sing you a little song, so I decided to let him. Enjoy!

I also thought I’d share a card I made using downloadable line art provided by Copic – they’re celebrating the 12 days of Christmas with a 12-part tutorial coloring by Jayleen. (I couldn’t handle waiting 12 days so I just colored it!) Sandy Allnock Copic 12 Days Card

I made a simple square card with the image, diecutting it with THIS new die set (oooh lala!) and popped it onto a simple card base. I’m giving it to my mail carrier, too, so no extra 21-cent fee on this square card. If you’re wondering how I colored this, I am too. LOL. I did it while very tired and watching tv the other night. I’m hoping to figure out how to recreate the technique soon on another image, so hang tight.

Sandy Allnock Copic 12 Days Card2

The other thing I wanted to share is the answer to “Where oh where did you get the return address stamp you used on the Christmas card you sent me???” Yep, lots of you have asked! So let me share.

I got my new stamps for my card backs and envelopes by following Kristina’s link over to Antiquaria, and I ordered custom calligraphy for the envelope stamp, and I *ADORE* it! And I also had them create a stamp for the backs of my personal cards (not custom, so less expensive). (I have one with my name for OWH cards, but never had one just for me.) The ordering process includes you telling them what it should say, then they email you a pdf to proof. They each come in their own little bag, too…cute eh? I’m keeping them in their bags, and hanging them on tacks above my desk so they’re always handy.

Antiquaria stamps

I also want to give Bailey at Antiquaria a shoutout. She was a HUGE help. Something funky happened to my order, and my package was a stamp short – but she worked to make it all right, and I got the second stamp quickly. YAY! (Those who got my cards didn’t get the ‘created by’ on theirs. But future cards will have the new stamp!) It’s so hard to find good customer service….thanks Bailey, for taking such good care of me!! If you buy stamps from Antiquaria, be sure to tell them I said hey!

Things of note

  • A few winners haven’t yet contacted me…you have til tonight, folks, or I post new winners tomorrow :)
  • OhmyGOSH did you see Ellen Hutson’s new site? It just launched Thursday, and I’m so excited for Ellen and her team – and so proud. I’m sure nobody really understands the heroic efforts that go into that kind of an overhaul…but I’m giving them virtual HIGH FIVES for all her success. Be sure to go over and reset your PW right away by acting like you “forgot” yourse  – the old ones weren’t saved – and change your bookmark too!
  • If you’re still looking for the PERFECT gift for someone you really care about – try watching THIS. And take a tissue with you.
  • Patrons: I just revamped the rewards, so if you missed the notice there, check it out HERE.
  • I think sometimes you forget you were born to be awesome. (Here’s your reminder.)

Stencil-in-Stencil Technique

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Sandy Allnock Stencil in Stencil

I’m going to start out this blog post with an apology…I’m writing this with a cat across my hands and laptop. Punch is being such a pain – and his paw keeps accidentally (ha!) tapping the space bar or a key. So if there’s anything weird in here, or if I give up early – well, I’m blaming it on Punch! :)

The card and video for today were originally going to be part of the 24 Tags series – it was much plainer, and I do like it much more with the watercolor and stencilled background! But our little reindeer was displaced by the monsters. Good choice, I think! If you can’t see the video below, click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube.

I think this will be something I revisit, I have some cool stencils that’ll be fun!

Things of note

  • Just saw Mockingjay and LOTR yesterday – both awesome! Recommend against 3D though, not a fan.
  • Want a little Copic coloring challenge? Check out the Copic blog for a digi with a 12 part tut. I played along – I’ll post mine on Instagram later today.
  • I would LOVE to have THESE guys over my house.
  • Yesterday I posted my 24 winners! There’s a bonus giveaway, be sure to check out another opportunity for a freebie!
  • Excited about WOTE’s movie coming today!
  • And below: A superspecial deal you might need. Or santa might need: A 25% off sale on Copics, using coupon code Markers – you’re welcome!copicsale


24 Tags of Christmas: Winners! (and a bonus!)

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Sandy Allnock tags

I’m so excited to announce the 24 WINNERS in my 24 Tags of Christmas giveaway! Congrats to everyone…and a big thank you to everyone for sharing your feedback and passing these on to your friends! The photo above includes more than the 24 tags – because I’m giving the rest of those to my Patrons.

Winners were selected from comments on the blog, videos, instagram, and shares in a variety of social media! Winners, please be in touch by the end of the weekend with your info, if any are left unclaimed I’ll pick more winners to post Monday. Email sandy (at) sandyallnock (dot) com with your user name below, your address, and use the subject line “24 tags winner” so I can find it easily in my inbox. And yes, international winners are just dandy by me!

winner20 winner13 winner24 winner22 winner21 winner18 winner17 winner16 winner15 winner12 winner11 winner10 winner9 winner8 winner7 winner6 winner5 winner4 winner3 winner2 winner1 winner14 winner23 winner19winner24

Please feel free to visit any of the tags in the series HERE, and stay tuned for more projects using these techniques in the next couple of months; I know lots of folks are busy at the holidays, so I’ll remind you of some of these ideas once your budget recovers from Christmas shopping – THESE in particular will be on a couple projects!

Bonus giveaway

I just finished sending out my holiday cards and ended up with a few extras. One in particular I couldn’t decide WHO to send it to….so I’m going to give it away to one of you! Well, one of you who did not win in the tag giveaway, at least! Which card? THIS one. Yeah, I’m serious. I want it to go to someone who will truly appreciate it! So leave a comment here, and I’ll choose a winner Sunday night and mail it out Monday. :)

DIY Glass Ornaments

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Hello and happy Hump Day! Hope your week-before-Christmas-week is proceeding well…mine is thus far! I got all my holiday cards mailed yesterday – wahOO! Plus we had a lovely Christmas party at my Toastmasters club in which I came home with the (white elephant) gift of a Menchie’s gift card (YEAH!)…and then I watched Craig Wayne Boyd WIN!!! So proud of him…not only does he have an amazing mature voice. But he was, as Pharrell said, willing to go on a stage on national TV and surrender everything to God while singing The Old Rugged Cross. That took GUTS and it brought me to tears! I also loved Chris Jamison – he really surged in the last 2 shows…but I wanted CWB to win since he had me from the start!

Today – a quick (ish) share of some ornaments I created…some are easy enough for your older kids to do! Watch the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

Sandy Allnock - Ornament 1

Sandy Allnock - Ornament 2

Sandy Allnock - Ornament 3

Sandy Allnock - Ornament 4


Sandy Allnock - Ornament 5

Sandy Allnock - Ornament 6

Magical Monday: Snowy Brook Bauble

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Sandy Allnock Snowy Brook Bauble

WHEW! Back to a normal week, hooray! Last week was quite the marathon – a fun one, but I’m really glad to have the relative ease of a video with no chattering in it. (A nice break for me!) So today I bring you a Magical Monday video with an ornament I bought a few months ago and just hadn’t colored up yet. I knew it was going to be set into a tree, and just hadn’t worked out how to do it – but once I figured it out, I had to make a video for you! Enjoy it below, or watch it in HD on YouTube by clicking HERE.

It’s been a little crazy how little patterned paper I use nowadays – eeep! I spent a good bit of the weekend making cards from the one 6×6 pad I have for Christmas – and I had bought several of them, so I’ve been going mad trying to use em up! Last year I had been so proud of myself, using up all the holiday paper so I could get new stuff…and I want to do the same again this year! A couple of them are on Instagram.
Sandy Allnock Snowy Brook Bauble2

My silver uniball pen is new – and they also have one in GOLD! Woohoo. Linked you to the white, gold, and silver in the description. Just in case. *smile*


Tomorrow’s the last day to catch up on commenting on my 12 Tags series – I’ll be announcing winners on Thursday! Some of the tags in this photo are the bonus ones that I’m going to give away to my Patrons too.

Sandy Allnock tags2


24 Tags of Christmas: Day Six

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Sandy Allnock - 24 Tags Day 6

We’re finally at the end of this series! It’s been so much fun – and WOW I can hardly believe how gracious you all have been with sharing your love! I really appreciate it…for a project this big and crazy, it’s an extra bit of work, so knowing that it’s been a blessing to you is extraspecial!

Today’s is likely my favorite technique…I’ve been playing with it for a while now, and the Hero Arts stamp set I’m using today as well as the Penny Black die (products all linked below) just screamed out to be used for it! And the Craftaboard is definitely the best surface to achieve the look – it’s worth picking up some to try it out. But before I show you the video, I really really really want you to read this next bit.

Very Important:

I thought I’d address here in text what I probably didn’t emphasize strongly enough in the video: do NOT use your Copic markers on top of embossing! There’s one EP I’ve used before with success, but that was back in the days when I had a mix of EPs in one container (I thought everyone’s was the same, but no!) – so it apparently had made a mixture that worked..and I haven’t found others that do work. Today’s project uses an aqua brush – the nib of that brush didn’t get damaged, I think it’s the volume of colorless blender pouring through it that keeps the embossing powder from damaging it, perhaps. I did say in the video not to use your colorless blender marker to do this – again, it’ll ruin it – but it also won’t even work since it doesn’t pour out the fluid fast enough in volume to give it a watercolor look. (Well, unless you overfill it. LOL. Ask me how I know.)

Okay now that you’ve read that, you’re safe to watch the video. If you want to see it in HD on YouTube, click HERE.


Here are stills of the tags close up…aren’t the colors just pretty? The photos were a little hard to take, they came out looking slightly pinker than they are in real life. But – if you WIN one, you’ll get to see it in real life!

Sandy Allnock 24 Tags Day Six 2

Sandy Allnock 24 Tags Day Six 1

And how might you win one? Leave comments here on the blog posts, or over on YouTube, and you can get bonus entries by sharing the videos or blog post on your social media (either tag me or leave a comment with the url in the comments section of the blog post). It’s not too late to go back and visit the week’s worth of posts and be sure you’ve got your commenting up to speed!

A bonus for my Patreon supporters – the extra tags (my practice tags, the whole tag set that got bumped for the monsters, as well as the two I shared over in The CLASSroom) are up for a drawing among patrons only! If you’re a patron, go get busy chatting on the wall!

Thanks again so much for following along my tag journey this week! Many of you have already expressed concern that you’ll go through withdrawal….don’t worry. I’ll be back with Magical Monday in two days, so be sure to come back. :)

Things of note

  • Need more tag ideas? Don’t forget to check out THESE – and leave comments to qualify to win!
  • Excited to have turned another person on to the wonders of Frisket. See what she made HERE.


24 Tags of Christmas: Day Five

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Sandy Allnock - 24 Tags Day 5

Today we have something just a bit different….I had a whole different tag and whole different technique shot and nearly edited for today — and lo and behold, a stamp set arrived in my mailbox that was so cute I *had* to make it into a set of tags! It’s one I designed for Simon Says Stamp a while ago and it’s releasing today. Yes RIGHT NOW! Shopping links are in the dooblie doo here and on YouTube in case you, like me, fall in love with Bruce! If you want to watch the video below in HD on YouTube, click HERE.

Meet Bruce! Oh my goodness. He seriously has my heart in his little hand! (These are my names for the stamps – yes, yes, I talk to my stamps….so sue me for being weird!)

Sandy Allnock 24 Tags Day Five 3

And here’s frightened little Jeremy….hiding in his mailbox.

Sandy Allnock 24 Tags Day Five 2

And this is Wendell….he’s a little afraid someone will steal the gift before he gives it to you.

Sandy Allnock 24 Tags Day Five 1And Miss Penny…who is just so shy she couldn’t tell me her name, so I named her after my little crafting buddy.

Sandy Allnock 24 Tags Day Five 4

You can use any water-based markers to do this – Memento, Tombow, Distress, Marvy….whatever you like! If you need to pick up some markers, I’ve linked to a couple different kinds in the supply list below.

And as promised in the video – here’s a quick idea for kids valentines using this set…the template for the matchbook card is from yesterday’s tag video…except on this one, I used a brad, and punched a half-circle to help it fit without running into the brad when it’s tucked in by little fingers. They don’t have to be colored nice like this with Copics, though – crayon coloring by your kids would be adorable. Fun, eh?

Sandy Allnock Little Monsters Valentines

Have a SUPER Friday, everyone!!

Things of note


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