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Magical Monday: Mannie the cat

Posted by on Mar 30, 2015 in Copics, Featured, Magical Monday | 43 comments

Sandy Allnock- Mannie the Cat, Magical Monday

It’s Magical Monday – and I have something pretty special today.

Magical Monday kitty

Many of you may know that my friend Kristina lost her kitty about a week ago. I am so sad for her…hearing of anyone losing a pet brings back memories of my own sweet girl and that awful day back in October. I wanted to do something special for Kristina, and since I saw her over the weekend, I was able to hand deliver a little Magical Monday drawing of her little furbaby. Watch the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

If you’re interested in giving to the fundraiser supporting the shelter where Kristina found Mannie – click HERE. The support has been just overwhelming so far. Lots of furbabies will be helped!

Sandy Allnock- Mannie the Cat2

Blog candy winner!

CeCe G….congratulations on winning the blog candy! Email me your address using my contact form, and I’ll get them in the mail to you this week!


I love these Magical Mondays…just wishing this one wasn’t a sad one.

EduDigi #4: Violet – Tulip Digi Stamp

Posted by on Mar 28, 2015 in Copics, EduDigi, Featured | 8 comments

EduDigi - Tulip Digi Stamp

Hello everyone! And thank you so much for all the lovely birthday wishes! I’m having an amazing time on the east coast with friends…we’ve got a crafty gift swap tonight that should be a hoot! Anyway – let’s get on to the tulip digi stamp! I got this set prepped before I left…and hoping you like these pretty flowers!

Tulip Digi Stamp Bundle

I thought that violet would be a perfect color to use for the tulip stamps I had drawn…though you of course can color them any way you want to. I suspect we’ll all pick our favorite color combos, or even multicolor tulips! I do have purple ones blooming in my own garden right now.

In this digi bundle, you’ll get THREE stamps this time. One is the solo tulip flower, since I thought that might be a fun single element for a CAS card. I put glossy accents on the stamen of my sample card, and it just really made it shine nicely! The bouquet of tulips have some special shine on them, and I tell you in the pdf how I did it.

The pdfs, as a reminder, now include solo pics of my card samples, as well as clickable supply lists just in case. Click on the image below to go pick up the tulips:



You can find all the EduDigis in THIS section of the store.

So there’s the tulip digi stamp – wonder what color might be coming next week? (Note that we’re not going in ROYGBIV order, of course!)

Chubby Chums Birthday Cards

Posted by on Mar 27, 2015 in Copics, Featured, Paper Smooches, Simon Says Stamp | 41 comments

Sandy Allnock Chubby Chum Birthday Cards

I needed a few birthday cards for my stash – and decided since today is my birthday, I’d share a darling little idea! I’m stoked to be with friends this weekend, crafting like mad…I didn’t take any Copics with me, so if I go through withdrawal, I’ll be borrowing. But I’ll be playing lots with my watercolors!

Chubby Chums Birthday Cards

I haven’t used this stamp set in, well…eons! And I have a suspicion that it *might* be on the road to discontinuance; Simon doesn’t even have it listed, and it’s out of stock at Ellen’s! But it’s still in the store at Paper Smooches…so if you just have to have it, I’d go get one asap just in case. Watch the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

The sentiment on this card is from the Party Posse set –of course, another must-have one. :) :) :) I’m thinking of sheep balloons after borrowing the sentiments from that one! The panel is diecut with Stitched Rectangles – the little sentiment panel, too!

Sandy Allnock Chubby Chum Birthday Cards2

I made a few of these to put in my stash of birthday cards – oh what fun to color, and so easy!


Hope you enjoyed my little birthday cards!

Bird Crazy Stamps – Crafty Friends

Posted by on Mar 25, 2015 in Featured, Tim Holtz, Watercolor | 85 comments

Sandy Allnock - bird crazy stamps

If you’re a fan of Tim Holtz’s bird crazy stamps, you’re not alone! Whenever I need a little smile, I just stamp one and color it – just for fun! And I’m pretty excited to have gotten a little shoutout this past weekend from Tim himself! :)

Bird Crazy Stamps!

I just love these birds! There’s something so expressive about them – what fun! I decided I wanted to do something using all six, but they don’t exactly fit on an A2 card, so this piece will go on the wall in my craft room. It has some adaptations to the stamps to make them extra-cute! Check out the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube!

I made a card with the same technique and one of the bird crazy stamps – the whole card base is watercolor cardstock, so it’s one layer. I added some Glossy Accents to the glasses, too! This card will go with my gift in a crafty gift exchange…I think it’s perfect for that! The card base for this one is the Canson.

Sandy Allnock - Crazy Crafty Birds2

Blog Candy!

It’s almost MY birthday, so why not give one of YOU a gift? Now that I bought my set of 36 pencils, I can let go of my set of 12…so if you’ve always wanted to try out Inktense pencils, leave a comment and tell me who’s your best crafty friend! (and if you don’t want the pencils, please tell me not to enter you.) I’ll post a winner on Monday, March 30th!


I be crazy about bird crazy stamps…you?

Bokeh flowers – and more!

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Sandy Allnock Bokeh Flowers 2

Well hey there everyone – and happy Monday! I have a bunch of things to share today – starting with more Bokeh Flowers!

Bokeh Flowers Video

You might remember THIS post with them recently…and just lookee how they have transformed! Go over to the CLASSroom to see the video on the creation of this beauty. Or if you watch the video, the video link is at the end.

But since there’s no Magical Monday video for you today, I decided to do a vlog about a bunch of stuff going on. In a tiara. Because it’s my birthday week and I can wear one! You can watch it below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

Links I spoke of in the video are below….get click-happy!





Bokeh Flowers Supplies for my project over at Ellen Hutson’s CLASSroom:

Hope you enjoy that Bokeh Flowers video – I’m trying to decide which one I like more, the white or black. What’s your preference?

EduDigi #3: Dragon digi stamps

Posted by on Mar 21, 2015 in EduDigi, Featured | 12 comments

Happy weekend! I’ve been hard at work this week preparing another in my new EduDigi series – this time we’ll be looking at greens! The dragon digi stamps (a dragon as well as a dragon in an egg) are intended to be colored in greens for the exercise, but you can certainly use any colors.

Dragon Digi stamps

These are a few cards out of the images used on the PDF….one of you gave me the idea to put pics of the cards in the PDF, so I’ll be starting to do that. I’ll also include hyperlinks to some of the special products you might want to find, too. (It makes the $5 a seriously good value – oy! You guys are getting a steal, even if it’s a lot more work for me! *smile*)

Dragon Digi Stamps

If you’d like to purchase the dragon digi stamps….click on the little dragon below! And if you missed out on the other ones during the last couple weeks, those are right below as well. You can always get to the whole series by clicking on the store link in the menu bar, too.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Internet Explorer seems to be throwing some errors lately, so please try a different browser if you have problems ordering or downloading. These will also not download to your smart device – they’re files to use on a computer. Thanks!


Sandy Allnock - EduDigi blue bird digi stamp

Supplies – also linked in the pdf

I’m hoping you like the dragon digi stamps – next week’s are underway already, lookee at me getting ahead! :)

Diecut Cross Wall Art on a card

Posted by on Mar 20, 2015 in Airbrush, Copics, Featured, Simon Says Stamp | 14 comments

Sandy Allnock Die Cut Cross Wall Card

It’s almost Easter – and I needed to get some cards ready! I was excited to find inspiration in my own house – my cross wall art!

Cross Wall Art Concept

The idea behind a cross wall is to collect all your crosses in one location in your home…and make them a conversation piece by doing so. Tell stories about where they came from, who gave them to you, and the stories behind them. When they’re scattered throughout your home, they don’t have nearly that impact – and people won’t ask about one cross on one wall, but a full display? You betcha! It’s art that serves as a living testimonial!

The Crosses die set really got me – because it was laid out like a cross wall! The die set goes with the Rejoice stamps – and not only can you get the stamps and dies as a pair in the He Is Risen set (can I get a “He is Risen INDEED!”???) – but you can get the Faith die set that includes the crosses PLUS a Praying for You die in the set too! I totally should have done that…*doh!* Do as I say, not as I do, right?

Anyway…here’s my video showing you how I made this gorgeous card…and don’t be scared of the airbrushing, this can be done with distress inking too. Watch the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

Here’s that closeup of the card…It’s so pretty I may need to do a piece of art to frame for my house!

Sandy Allnock Die Cut Cross Wall Art Card2

This is the card made from the leftovers; I worked hard to get that blending a lot better on this background since more would show.Sandy Allnock Die Cut Cross Wall Card3

And last but not least – the distress ink version! I applied it with the blending tool – Peacock Feathers plus Picked Raspberry.Sandy Allnock Die Cut Cross Wall Card4

I made a whole bunch of these cross wall art cards while I had the Misti out – yeah baby! Lots with sympathy sentiments for my church to use. Sad occasion, but an uplifting card.

OH! and if you are wondering what you need to get started with Copic Airbrush, watch THIS video.

PSSST….check THIS out.


So tell me…do you or anyone you know have cross wall art in  your home? I’d love to see pics! (And to know if mine is the only one constantly going kittywompus!)

Rainbow Seed Packet Template (Downloadable)

Posted by on Mar 18, 2015 in Copics, Featured, Free Templates | 27 comments

Sandy Allnock - Seed Packet Template

I’m working on a little treat to give to my fellow Toastmasters for Easter, and thought I’d share my seed packet template here t00 – since you might like to make one for your kids’ or grandkids’ Easter basket. You put RAINBOW seeds (sprinkles!) inside!! Or M&Ms. Or Skittles. Or confetti! Watch the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube…template and supplies are at the end of this post.

Isn’t that just fun? I used to make these in a ministry I was involved in – it was a different template that I couldn’t find, so I had to make a new one. Here’s a look at the back with the instruction panel.

Sandy Allnock - Seed Packet Back

My seed packet template might also be good for a Sunday School or VBS activity any time of year – print them out, have the children color and assemble them and fill them with “seeds” as their class assignment! It’s perfect for any lesson on hope, or Bible lesson on the story of Noah. The verse on the flap is from the end of Noah’s story:

I have set my rainbow in the clouds,
and it will be the sign of the covenant
between me and the earth.
Gen 9:13

 Seed Packet Template

Download one or both of the templates and print them out on your printer at home. Be sure to print on paper compatible with your coloring medium, and test that your adhesive will hold the envelope closed before giving it to kids to assemble in Sunday School.


Let me know if you make one of my seed packet template treat envelopes – and how it was received!

Magical Monday: St Patrick’s Day Art

Posted by on Mar 16, 2015 in Copics, Featured, Saturated Canary | 29 comments

Sandy Allnock St Patrick's Day Art

I’m a day early with my St Patrick’s Day art – but better late than never, right? I found this sweet image called Shannon on the Saturated Canary digi site and couldn’t resist her!  Enjoy the video below or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

St Patrick’s Day art talks to me!?

At the risk of sounding nuts…..Shannon started to tell me her story as I started coloring here – she’s out in the shadows of the dark forest, collecting four leaf clovers and gold coins, and hiding them from the rest of us! Yes, I do have conversations with my stamps….maybe I need a 12 step group!

I printed her on Neenah cardstock, and she’s larger than card-size; the opening in the mat I laid over her is 5×7. I use THIS printer for printing my digistamps, by the way….I wanted to do more detail on this St Patrick’s Day art, and printing her large helped.Sandy Allnock St Patrick's Day Art 2



Have you done any St Patrick’s Day art this year? Cards, or other projects?

EduDigi #2: Blue Bird digi stamp

Posted by on Mar 14, 2015 in Copics, EduDigi, Featured | 17 comments

Happy weekend! I’ve been hard at work this week preparing another in my new EduDigi series – this time we’re looking at blues! The blue bird digi stamp is intended to be colored in blues for the exercise, but you can certainly use any colors. There’s also a pair of feathers….lots of fun to practice “feathering” on a real feather!

Sandy Allnock Blue EduDigi Samples

These are a few cards out of the images used on the PDF….you can see individual photos of them on the product page in the store. Each one has a little bit of info in its caption, and the supply list is at the bottom of this post.

I wanted to share a little something about those PDFs – some of the basic info is repeated in each PDF, since some folks may only purchase one in the series. But every one has some color-specific information, as well, and as we get into tough colors—this one shows an idea to pick blending colors when there’s only one marker in a natural blending group – the B5s.

Blue Bird Digi Stamp

If you’d like to purchase the blue bird digi stamp and feather….click on the little birdie below! And if you missed out on the yellow one last week, that’s right below as well. You can always get to the whole series by clicking on the store link in the menu bar, too. NOTE: Internet Explorer seems to be throwing some errors so please try a different browser if you have problems ordering or downloading. Thanks!

Sandy Allnock - EduDigi blue bird digi stamp

A note to new subscribers!

Hey there, I saw a huge uptick in subbies yesterday, and wanted to say WELCOME! So glad you’re here. Please know that you’ll be getting a little series of emails from me for a week with design tips in them – that’s in addition to receiving my blog posts. So don’t think I spam you all the time! :) See ya in email, friends!


I’m hoping you like the bird digi stamp – I’m excited to work on next week’s digis….these are fun to make!

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