It’s new release day for Ellen Hutson – and my card is SO fun and surprisingly easy! Scroll down for more cards with the new release too. Lots of fun – hide yer wallet!

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Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Here are the Copic colors I used…

You can make this for any movie – just google the name of the movie and ‘scenes’ and you’ll see lots of images. Think creatively about how you can express them….like a blustery snow scene you learned from one of my videos for a Frozen scene.

I’m leaving the slippers in….and sending a link to my friend who’s getting this card. So she knows what I intended. Ha! You can do that too—blog about your thought process, and send that link to your friend inside the card! They’d love to know more about your creation.

I created a card with Mondo Wildflowers… Copic coloring, and II added a vase from the Clearly Copic class. Great time of year to take that one with all the flowers coming out!

These little Backyard party animals are so cute! I kept them and the stump in cool and warm greys, and used a triadic color combo for the balloons – orange, green, and purple. (Shout out to my Copic Jumpstart peeps!)