The new dies from Ellen Hutson, released last weekend, got me wanting to make a card that reflects a little of the style I’ve been working on in my urban landscapes – grungy colors that mix and blend the way the paint wants to go! It’s a lot easier to do it without 1000 brushstrokes like my large paintings (I’m trying to learn to simplify but it’s so hard!). It’s freeing though to just let the paints mix as they desire.

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This painting is 11×15″ – and was created in my studio after the study I did in my hotel room. It’s on 7th avenue looking southward towards Times Square. On the left, somewhere in the dark building area, is where the helicopter crashed last week. (51st -52nd…my window was on 55th.)

This is the smaller version painted from the hotel window – my sister has it in London now. So I have a “permanent exhibition in the UK,” right????

See more of my NYC paintings later on in this post.

And now for the card video! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Colors used on this card…..some of them look very bright, but when blended they can get delightfully muted. Colors in my main Daniel Smith Watercolor palette are available as a dot card if you want to try just a little to see if you like it.

And yes, I think I might have to copyright the term “moosh” colors. Coz that just explains the moosh of what’s left in the mixing well of my palette! ha!

Some of the test cards I made before the video one have stronger, brighter colors – and more layers. This one has three layers of buildings with trees tucked between…

…and this card has four layers of buildings with trees – but no grass. Coz this might need to survive the post office. LOL!


Plein Air is one of my newest favorite things to do! I was in NY for my niece’s graduation from Fordham (GO JULIE! MAGNA CUM LAUDE!) and took an extra few days to be there and paint, since it was cheaper for airfare to stay longer. Don’t count what hotels cost, it’s the airfare I was saving on, right? #justification lol

My hotel, the Wellington, was a few blocks from Central Park, so I went there early each morning to paint. This little tunnel had great acoustics, and someone was down there singing the most amazing jazz riffs in the echo the whole time I was there! Free entertainment!

Bryant Park, by the library – a table and chairs is a luxury for an urban artist! People there ignored me so well that they kept not only getting up and sitting down as people are expected to do – but they kept picking up entire tables and chairs and moving them around – having no clue I was trying to paint them.

This was the hardest one to work on; I was on a VERY busy street at rush hour, trying to capture the sunset – and there was just nowhere to rest all my stuff. I was balancing the watercolor block (I paint on those when traveling, no boards or taping to deal with), palette, water…..oh man. I was unprepared for a street corner without even a little nook to tuck something into. Everywhere else I found a step, a windowsill, something. But this one had to be finished from a photo back in my room, I gave up after being run into too many times. Ha!

Another morning in the park – by the pond. Very green scummy pond, but a pretty spot to sit. Lots of ducks and pigeons, and I met some nice gents who sat on the bench next to me chatting about the dangers of the import export business and the various ways people have been killed —eeep! They got off that topic after a bit and leaned over to watch me and chat a bit. For the most part, it’s only in a park where people in NYC will talk to an artist. Everywhere else you get delightfully ignored.

Chrysler building from the north view, sitting on the steps of a Synagogue. I learned all about the Avengers movie from the workmen taking their lunchbreak next to me – I haven’t seen ANY of the Marvel series, so it was quite educational. ha! In this painting I found the building in front of the Chrysler was way more fun to paint.

Bonus video!

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