I made some cute Comic Strip cards – with a much easier technique than the one I did HERE a few years back. And this time – it’s with the cute Puppy Parents stamps I bought by Sunny Studio!

A little treat for you today: a giveaway contest for dog mamas!

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There are six breeds on the stamp set with mamas or papas and puppies – so I made two cards with the same idea. See below the pinnable graphic for a few extra tips!

The little scene bits I used in these cards are taught in the Hex Art class – do my students recognize any of them?

The pups in the stamp set can be colored to match your own dogs:

I changed the fluffy white pup into a Bernese!!

Best dog mom contest

I want to give these two cards to two lucky winners. How do you win? Post a pic of you showing some love to your pup! That can be cookies, hugs and kisses, their favorite park…..but new pics, please! The most creative shots will win a card and some doggie goodies – I’ll be “hiring” some judges to pick so it won’t be up to just me. Where to post them, you ask? A few options:

  • Preferred: on my Facebook page, post it underneath the image of my two cards in comments there. (That way they all stay together).
  • If you don’t have Facebook, then post on your blog, instagram, flickr, wherever, and put a link in the comments on this post.

If you have no dog: go get someone you DO know with a dog to pose for you! You can keep the card yourself or give it to them.

PS I’m not anti-cat.…but this stamp set has pups in it! If they ever make a kitty parents stamp set, we’ll do this again, ok?