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The Muppet Show: Drawing Beaker!


I wanted to celebrate the return of The Muppet Show: Drawing BEAKER! Best.Muppet.Ever. MEEEEEEEEP!!!

I took a day “off” yesterday and was messing around with my Copic markers, and thought to turn on the camera. So you get an extra treat this week. And what better than a Muppet – did you see the first show last week!? Tune in tonight to see the second! (I watch it OnDemand since I gotta see The Voice live…lol!) Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!

Get out there and have a meep meep day!


31 thoughts on “The Muppet Show: Drawing Beaker!

  1. This was so fun to watch and listen to!!!!! Loved it.

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  3. Wow!!! WOW!!!! W*O*W!!

  4. Beaker is my absolute favorite Muppet. You did an amazing job on him! Thanks for always sharing your fantastic work with us. You are so inspiring!!

  5. Love it!

  6. I loved this. I just got an upgrade to my Mac–I can’t find the thumbs up button any more but wanted you to know I love it.

  7. I’m speechless. Beaker is awesome. You are amazing!

  8. MEEP, MEEP! Perfect, esp. love the hair!

  9. he looks AMAZING!!!!!! WONDERFUL colouring Sandy 🙂

  10. Oh Sandy! You captured him perfectly! How fun!

  11. It looks like you had fun drawing Beaker, Love that wild and crazy hair. TFS

  12. I loved it

  13. ahhh – there’s nothing like Copics for having fun! The Muppets Rule!

  14. That is just so fantastic! I am in awe! I really admire your skills and am so inspired to try to do some more shading myself.

  15. Oh WOW!! This is amazing!!

  16. Girl, you are an amazing artist–I’m simply blown away–now I’m thinking “maybe you can do this too!” You inspire us!

  17. SO MUCH FUN! You are one talented lady! Love the music you chose to go with your “speed” coloring. 🙂

  18. wow!

  19. Totally awesome! Thank you for sharing your talent with us. I am amazed at how easy you make it look. But I also pick up a new tip with each one. Love the videos!

  20. OMG. This is so cute. Your Beaker is amazing and so lively. I love the muppets!!

  21. Bravo!! Beautifully done…. I’m still smiling! Thank you Sandy!

  22. Adorable, he’s so cute!

  23. Beaker was perfect and so was the music – what was that music from anyway?

    1. It’s from a stock company I subscribe to.

  24. Wow, what a great video!! And the music was perfect – loved it all!!!!!

  25. I do not know how you make Copic look so good. I have a feeling that I could practice every day, all day long, and still never reach anything even close to what you do. I am in awe and thankful that you are willing to share your gifts with us.

  26. Amazing!

  27. Wow…I wish I could do that! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  28. Amazing……nothing more to say.

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