Winter Anemone – Colored pencil on black

Winter Anemone – Colored pencil on black

I didn’t know what a winter anemone was – but I’m so glad I googled it! White with delicious blue centers… very pretty. So I decided to get out black paper – yep, I’m strange that way!

Due to an editing error, I’ve reposted the video with no sound.

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In the Colored Pencil Jumpstart class, there’s a lesson with more detail – but basically use the white pencil to color the highlights first, then color over it with the other colors. If you test out your colors on black you can figure out which colors are too opaque to use for this or not.

Popping the panel with dimensional adhesive gives the card a little more oomph…I let just a 1/4″ of the card base to show, coordinating the colors with the flowers.

I also love that Julie’s Totally Random Sayings Vol. 1 have such fun sentiments in them. Lots of fun for cards!

I used the same sentiment on the Copic version – background is airbrushed:

Copic Glazing: Monsters in Living Coral

Copic Glazing: Monsters in Living Coral

Oooooh lookee, first coloring video of 2019! W00t! And it’s monsters. And the new Pantone color for the year: Living Coral.

A heads up: Facebook live chat tonight 5-6pm Pacific, talking color—in the Art Classes student group!

Pantone color of the year: Living Coral

Note: Supplies are linked in the supply list at the end of this post. Compensated affiliate links may be used  – that means if you make a purchase using my links, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support of my work on this blog!  Read more.

When coloring a “single” color like Living Coral, build a set of colors around it – darker and lighter. And be prepared to adjust a little, like I did by adding a tidge of R22 to the R0 family to make it a little pink-er.

I’ve kept my cards really simple – just glued them onto card bases and rounded the bottom two corners.

Play with the position of stamps – sometimes having them slide off the card front entirely makes for a super playful card!

I stamped the heart and words above the little blue monster before stamping him – and just had to draw in little arms. The other monster needed just a triangle of paper to wrap his little bouquet!

Bob Ross Card!

Bob Ross Card!

Happy New Year! I promised you something fun on Wednesdays….this week – it’s a gift I received from a student! (Thank you Nichole!!) She sent me a cute little stamp set from Kindred Stamps – Happy Trees!

Note: Supplies are linked in the supply list at the end of this post. Compensated affiliate links may be used  – that means if you make a purchase using my links, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support of my work on this blog!  Read more.

I made a card and took a few pics along the way….I made my own tv set (or computer monitor!) for Bob to appear on!

I started by diecutting the frames needed from a piece of Arches Cold Press, using MFT stitched dies. My tv ended up with stitches, but I’m ok with that.
In the “screen” rectangle I set up ol’ Bob in my MISTI and stamped him in Versafine ink.
I drew in my own easel and canvas….
And started painting! Bob’s face is a mix of Yellow Ochre with Burnt Umber. I painted right through his hair since it would be painted over with darker colors anyway.
Bob’s hair is a mix of Burnt Umber with Neutral Tint.
I looked at some of his videos and they often had a simple dark background – I opted for Paynes Blue Grey and then added happy trees to the canvas.
I nested the finished painting (with a cute plaid shirt!) into a window the same size that I diecut into a “wood” panel that’s just been painted browns.
I colored the tv frame with Copic black marker – just so it’d be good and black.
The back of the tv got some Be Creative tape, and a piece of acetate. Then more tape so I could add it onto the card.
I built a “stand” out of watercolor scraps cut down with scissors and colored with Copic black as well. Sentiment was stamped onto a scrap of painted watercolor paper, then popped onto the card.

Nichole also sent some cute magnets….got to LOVE Bob Ross, right?

And just in case….

….you need something to make you smile, did you know Bob Ross has a YouTube channel where they’ve been uploading his shows?

New free class

It’s not a traditional course – it’s 40 days of prayer prompts, verses, worship videos, and a sketchbook sketch (not outlines) to encourage prayer, fasting, and art (though Bible journaling is not required). Whatever day you sign up is your “day one” and each consecutive day is then made available to you after that. Sign up here.

New Year’s Eve Vlog: With Cookie Monster and pups

New Year’s Eve Vlog: With Cookie Monster and pups

It’s that time for a little look back and a little look ahead. I decided to let you see my work uniform: jammies! Stay to the end to see the puppers!

Can’t see it? Click H to watch on YouTube.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is another reason for cutting back a little on YT videos so I can put together more classes: math. Given my desire for more people to grow using what I post, this mathematic difference is another reason to take a little of my video-making energy and put it into more classes….while the 50 people (in the made-up math below) who create using a YT technique are nothing to sneeze at, it is more valuable from a teacher’s perspective to encourage deeper learning for hundreds in a class that gets actual participation. And while this may not be scientific math, it rings true!

Pin me!

Speaking of class settings….

I have a few class opportunities coming up! Seattle WA and Eustice FL. I’ll also be in Puerto Rico in January if anyone needs a book signed over a cup of something delicious at Chocobar in San Juan!

Workshop: Expression Through Composition

Daniel Smith store in Seattle
Feb 2 2019  – 10:30-4:00
Cost: $75, call 206-223-9599 to register
Artists in all mediums have a common challenge: creating a work that truly communicates what the artist is trying to express! 
How does a landscape, portrait, or other piece of art “speak”? As artists, we can learn to develop our message, create it intentionally, and speak clearly to our viewers through a sheet of paper or a canvas!
Artist and author Sandy Allnock will discuss communication through placement, editing, value, color, and more. “Before and after” examples will show the impact of these artist tools, and will demonstrate in a variety of mediums, including pencil, watercolor, and Copic marker.

Students will be filling their sketchbooks with quick studies from photographs to apply learnings, and interactive reviews of student work will instruct the whole class, too. No “finished” art will be created, but resource photographs will be provided for individual development of artwork following class as desired.

Students of any medium and at any level can benefit from this workshop. It’s recommended that students bring an adventurous spirit: this class will encourage deep thinking and quick sketching!

Sketchbook: Bring one that’s 9×12 (or larger) – paper should be appropriate for medium you’ll choose to use. Instructor will use a Bee Paper (mixed media) sketchbook but most anything will work for this class. 
Sketching medium: whatever you prefer for sketches of approximately 5×7 size. Soft sketching pencils (6B+), conte crayons, etc. 
Coloring medium: whatever you prefer to add color to sketches. (watercolor, colored pencil, etc)

Full day Copic workshop with MFT images

MFT Boutique, 132 E Magnolia Avenue. Eustis, FL 32726

Morning Session: 9 AM – 12:30 PM
Lunch Break: 12:30 PM – 2 PM
Afternoon Session: 2 PM – 5:30 PM

The class is $75 — Each day of class will include 7 hours of instruction and will be identical in content. You simply need to register for the class day that best suits your schedule.

Register for Friday, June 21 HERE
Register for Saturday, June 22 HERE

Sandy Allnock is beloved in the craft community and is well-known for her ability to create in-depth details, backgrounds, and otherwise fantastic art pieces with Copics and colored pencils. She is a coveted teacher, and we are so excited she has agreed to teach for us! She will teach different Copic coloring techniques that can be used in your art and card making.

This technique-based class will energize your coloring, elevate your skills, and provide an abundance of inspiration for tackling future projects. We hope to see you here!
The schedule for each class day is as follows:

You will need to bring the required Copics to class with you. The Copic list will be provided at a later date, with ample time to purchase markers.
PLEASE NOTE: Each class will accommodate a maximum of 36 students and we expect both classes to sell out quickly. Classes must be pre-paid, and due to the limited seating availability and unique nature of this event, no refunds will be given if you are not able to attend.

Introducing…my 2019 palettes!

Introducing…my 2019 palettes!

Happy almost-new-year! It’s been an adventurous month of watercolor…and after much hemming and hawing, I decided on new colors for my palette. Some artists change theirs out way often – I’ve tried keeping my main palette of 24 colors pretty consistent for about the last 3ish years, so that as I’ve created videos and classes, I wouldn’t be constantly poking at everyone to buy yet ANOTHER color.

However it’s time. My old palette had colors in it that I thought I would use but when it came down to it, I rarely did! So those colors got booted. Others were replaced by colors with another flavor, or other properties. And the job of choosing got a little easier once I got the small half pan palettes — which gave me more options to slide in some other colors I’d like to play with. They’ve all been sitting in my other 24-pan palettes for all this time, so when I wanted to “play” I had several out all over the place. So now….hopefully I can grab the right grouping in a palette to get some new colors with properties I want to play with!

In the video I show you the old colors vs new, or at least most of them….all the individual links are here in the blog post, and only some of them are in the YT description – it’s kind of a crazy amount of linking. LOL!

Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Note: Supplies are linked in the supply list at the end of this post. Compensated affiliate links may be used  – that means if you make a purchase using my links, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support of my work on this blog!  Read more.

My main palette

  • Watercolor Paints and main palette
    • Nickel Azo (EH DB)
    • New Gamboge (EH DB)
    • Aussie Red Gold  (EH DB)
    • Yellow Ochre (EH DB)
    • Burnt Sienna  (EH DB)
    • Burnt Umber (EH DB)
    • Perylene Maroon (EH DB)
    • Anthraquinoid Scarlet (EH DB)
    • Pyrrol Scarlet  (EH DB)
    • Quinacridone Rose (EH DB)
    • Imperial Purple (EH DB)
    • Moonglow (EH DB)
    • Cobalt Teal Blue (EH DB)
    • Iridescent Electric Blue (EH DB)
    • Cobalt Blue (EH DB)
    • French Ultramarine Blue (EH DB)
    • Phthalo Blue GS (EH DB)
    • Indanthrone Blue (EH DB)
    • Serpentine Genuine (EH DB)
    • Sap Green (EH DB)
    • Green Apatite Genuine (EH DB)
    • Perylene Green (EH DB)
    • Payne’s Blue Gray (EH DB
    • Neutral Tint (EH DB)

Floral Set

DANIEL SMITH Floral Half Pan Set, Ellen Hutson | Blick

Floral set includes: Hansa Yellow Medium (EH DB) Quinacridone Gold (EH DB) Phthalo Blue Green Shade (EH DB) Cascade Green (EH DB) Green Apatite Genuine (EH DB). My additions: Cobalt Teal Blue (EH DB) Lavender (EH DB) Wisteria (EH DB) Rose of Ultramarine (EH DB) Mayan Violet (EH DB) Pyrrol Orange (EH DB) Cadmium Red Medium (EH DB) New Gamboge (EH DB) Sap Green (EH DB) Spring Green (EH DB)

Earth palette

DANIEL SMITH Earth Half Pan Set, Ellen Hutson | Blick

Earth set includes: Buff Titanium (EH DB) Raw Sienna Light (EH DB) Bronzite Genuine (EH DB) Venetian Red (EH DB) Burnt Sienna Light (EH DB) Lunar Black (EH DB). My additions: Quinacridone Deep Gold (EH DB) Bloodstone Genuine (EH DB) Neutral Tint (EH DB) Payne’s Blue Gray (EH DB)  Amazonite Genuine (EH DB) Jadeite Genuine (EH DB) Undersea Green (EH DB) Amethyst Genuine (EH DB) Purpurite Genuines (EH DB) Rhodonite Genuine (EH DB)

Colors of Inspiration palette

DANIEL SMITH Colors of Inspiration Half Pan Set, Ellen Hutson | Blick

Colors of Inspiration set includes: Lavender (EH DB) Wisteria (EH DB) Rose of Ultramarine (EH DB) Moonglow (EH DB) Shadow Violet (EH DB) Serpentine Genuine (EH DB). My additions: Indian Yellow (EH DB) Aussie Red Gold (EH DB) Phthalo Yellow Green (EH DB) Cobalt Teal Blue (EH DB) Iridescent Electric Blue (EH DB) Kyanite Genuine (EH DB) Blue Apatite Genuine (EH DB) Anthraquinoid Scarlet (EH DB) Rose Madder Genuine (EH DB) Opera Pink (EH DB)

Sketcher palette

DANIEL SMITH Sketcher Half Pan Set, Ellen Hutson | Blick

Sketcher sets Includes: Hansa Yellow Medium (EH DB) Quinacridone Rose (EH DB) Ultramarine Blue (EH DB) Cerulean Blue Chromium (EH DB) Monte Amiata Natural Sienna (EH DB) Transparent Red Oxide (EH DB). My additions: Nickel Azo (EH DB) Serpentine Genuine (EH DB) Undersea Green (EH DB) Cobalt Teal Blue (EH DB) Sedona Genuine (EH DB) Bloodstone Genuine (EH DB) Moonglow (EH DB) Payne’s Gray (EH DB) Neutral Tint (EH DB) Lunar Black (EH DB)

Blues palette

DANIEL SMITH Blues Half Pan Set, Ellen Hutson | Blick

Blues set includes: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine (EH DB) Cerulean Blue (EH DB) Lunar Blue (EH DB) Indigo (EH DB) Sodalite Genuine (EH DB) Payne’s Blue Gray (EH DB). My suggestions: Buff Titanium (EH DB) Lunar Earth (EH DB) Perylene Maroon (EH DB) Nickel Azo (EH DB) Serpentine Genuine (EH DB) Green Gold (EH DB) Green Apatite (EH DB) Hookers Green (EH DB) Deep Sap (EH DB) Perylene Green (EH DB) .

Ultimate Mixing palette

DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Mixing Half Pan Set, Ellen Hutson | Blick

Included: Buff Titanium  (EH DB) Hansa Yellow Medium(EH DB)  Quinacridone Gold (EH DB)  Pyrrol Scarlet  (EH DB) Permanent Alizarin Crimson  (EH DB) Quinacridone Rose (EH DB) Ultramarine Blue (EH DB) Cerulean Blue Chromium  (EH DB) Phthalo Blue Green Shade  (EH DB) Phthalo Green Blue Shade  (EH DB) Goethite Brown Ochre  (EH DB) Burnt Sienna  (EH DB) Indian Red  (EH DB) Raw Umber  (EH DB) Jane’s Gray (not able to be purchased.)

My own mini-palette

This has a mix of some of the colors from my palette above. I’m exhausted with all the linking so…just look at that list. LOL!

New Dot Card coming

In the next few months I’ll have a new dot card coming out, but I don’t have an ETA on it as yet.

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