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Aussie Animals – and an idea where to send your cards!

Check out this month’s video over at MFT – it’s got an idea for people who might want to use your cards!



6 thoughts on “Aussie Animals – and an idea where to send your cards!

  1. This is simply adorable Sandy.

  2. I love to write and I love to make cards. Both of these things make me happy and writing and sending a card to a recipient to make them smile and be happy makes me happy too. :O)

  3. Love that card and also that idea!!!

  4. Sandy, The only thing better than your wonderful coloring was reading the backstory behind the card. Bet your aunt’s just going to love it to pieces, 🙂

  5. Cards are amazing and I give them to my friends to use as well. But, If you started a Go Fund Me for your Aunt I would donate $20 for her to get a new computer. Maybe our Craft Nation could help her out.

  6. Great card Sandy and even greater story! Lovely that you made this special cards with the special sentiment for her.

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