Art supply shortages!

With the coloring book craze, you might have guessed we’re buying up all the pencils.  Yes, it’s actually stressing production – article HERE! We already have put Copic under serious stress in restocking stores in the last year, so why should the pencil people get away unscathed?

Copic is having major problems keeping up with demand, and I have it on good authority their leadership here in the US is as frustrated as we are. They’ve been growing worldwide by massive amounts in the last year, and not able to keep up! Did you know they make their nibs individually, and test all the markers by hand? Gotta love the quality! New factories in Japan are being built – but we need to be praying they work fast, get all the permits they need, and that production gets up and running quick, eh?

The good news is that the Copic Jumpstart class is going to help us all use the markers we already have. Even though lots are stressing out about the list of colors posted in preclass—– please don’t worry! You can complete assignments with colors you have. Lots of the content is showing you how to test out how this color works with that color….we’re all going to learn a ton about the pens we have, so maybe not being able to buy others right now is a blessing in disguise!

Not signed up for class yet? The $5 discount continues until the first day of class on May 27th – and anyone signing up BEFORE May 6 will receive a bonus lesson that day. Pass the word to your friends – you guys will love the bonus lesson!



download feathering


This week’s quick watercolor tip is HERE – and I never did link you up to last week’s HERE!

A little tax tip

e careful what you post from your private island on social media if you’re hiding away anything from the IRS – they’re following you on Instagram and Facebook! LOL. I know, I know, most of us don’t need to worry. But in case ya do….article HERE.


I visited the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival about 10 days ago – never did get any pics posted since it’s been just a *tidge* crazy around here this week…..enjoy!

Sandy Allnock tulip1

Sandy Allnock tulip2

Sandy Allnock tulip3

Sandy Allnock tulip4

Sandy Allnock tulip5

Sandy Allnock tulip6

Sandy Allnock tulip7