I’m art journaling in my RENDR sketchbook today to answer some questions that came up from my video a few weeks ago (HERE) – will it work with watercolor? The short answer: no. Longer answers below that might be better help than the short one, of course!

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Watch the video below or click HERE to watch it on YouTube.

I would never use a sketchbook like this for watercolor. Watercolor needs paper with a texture and paper that’s 100% rag to actually move well. I don’t have a clue how this paper is made but it ain’t either of those! lol.

However I wondered what other mediums could be used in this book, so I did a little test. On the left, Copic on the back of Copic, which worked fine. Colors on this paper don’t come out as intense as I’m used to, but blending is actually pretty decent.

Zig Clean Color markers hated this paper. If you have a brand new set of them that’s juicy you might be ok, but even with colors that had a good amount of ink, the brush nib dragged and skipped, and nothing wanted to move with water. The only effect water had was to create a weird texture.

Tombows worked much better, but again, no water – I learned my lesson! The nibs liked the paper more though.

Zig Art&Graphic Twin markers really surprised me though. The squeaky little plastic nibs liked the surface of this paper a lot! I think we might become friends next month during Inktober.

I had to prove to myself that my Clean Color pens still work after how badly they did in the test – and yes they still work. LOL. I posted a little speed video for this card on instagram: