Betty White’s birthday was this week….I couldn’t resist trying to paint her! I used the back of a reject painting, so don’t ever throw stuff away, you can always practice on the other side of watercolor paper!

Facebook Group

Lots of students have been sharing their homework in our Facebook group – it’s all classes mixed in together so you can see what other students are creating in other classes and decide if you think you want to try one.

I’m going to test out Facebook Live for Drawing 101 students Sunday 21st at 1pm Pacific time; we’ll be looking at how to use a grid to enlarge an image. In future live broadcasts I’ll do ones with tips for different classes on the website. While students not in class are welcome to watch, I won’t be answering questions that are already covered in class, just elaborating on a particular tip related to class.

And a note about the group: you guys know I overwhelm my plate with to-do’s on a regular basis. I’m checking in on the Facebook group each evening, so if I don’t answer there right away, know I’ll be swinging in later. I did ask Rosy this week to be a moderator, though, so she’s being super helpful and encouraging, and can help approve new members when I’m not around. (But she’s in Hawaii so you might still need to wait for time zones a little bit!)

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#CopicColors Challenge

Copic is doing something kinda fun this year – highlighting a trio of markers each month and inviting artists to participate. (Spoiler alert, I’ll get to be part of one soon!) You can see this month’s color selection HERE.

A YouTube change

YouTube announced changes to their program; to combat “spam” channels, they changed the threshold for being part of their partner program, and drastically increased both the subscriber count and watch time minimums. With only a month’s notice. My main channel is fine. But my Bible Journaling channel is new (started in September), so it hasn’t met the watch time count yet. Channels need to meet the numbers by February 20th. It’s not crucial to be part of the YT program, and channels can join later once their channel grows, but many in the YT community are frustrated by this, feeling icky about being kicked out of the program. But read on to find out how you can help. First – my own numbers:

  • Requirements — minimum 4,000 hours of watchtime in the past year + 1,000 subscribers
  • My main channel — has 200,000 hours in the past year and 78,500 subscribers
  • Bible journaling channel — has 2,400 hours since September 1 and 2355 subscribers

If you’re interested in Bible Journaling, I’d love if if you’d turn on a playlist and let some videos run (even silence them if you want, haha!). You can also SHARE the channel on your social media and see if you have friends who’d be interested in that kind of content. To find playlists, go to the channel and click on the “playlists” tab.

If you watch videos from other small-ish channels, do the same for them. Go turn on their playlists and let ’em run. Share them with others. Do a little every day for the creators you appreciate, and let’s see if we can combat the YouTube rules!