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Arkon phone stand for live-broadcasting artists


A quick note today…I’m off to a Toastmasters training but wanted to get a few notes out to ya….

  • If you’ve been feeling bombarded, my APOLOGIES for all the crazy emails lately. Punch is sorry too. Thank you to his secret admirer who sent him flowers!
  • Tomorrow: A special bloghop will be here….be sure to come back!
  • Another QuickTip is posted on my second channel…see it below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube. [Products shown (Compensated affiliate links read more)Kitchen Desk Table Stand and Swivel ball with camera adaptor ]

7 thoughts on “Arkon phone stand for live-broadcasting artists

  1. […] on from now til July 4th…use coupon code “sandyallnock” to get 20% off! Click HERE to see the stand and links to the ones I […]

  2. What a lucky guy punch is

  3. What beautiful roses Punch. Is yellow your favorite color too? TFS

  4. Awww someone was so thoughtful with the flowers. I was sorry to hear of the troubles you had with the coupon code being mishandled.

  5. I’m always happy to hear that companies compensate you gals when we buy stuff! After all, you all are the best sales technique ever!

  6. Great flowers and probably just the lift you needed after the coupon code mayhem.

  7. I didn’t notice anything abnormal with email quantity lately? But those flowers sure are gorgeous.

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