I recently bought a new pencil. I know, I know, it’s an art supply, how can that warrant excitment? Well, Leonardo Pereznieto is the artist behind it, and he worked with a German company to create this spectacular little tool. And since it had me thinking scientific voodoo was going on in how it operates – I decided to combine it with the scientific achievement of Apollo 11 and make a video! See more info in this post below after you watch it.

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Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube

I purchased the full kit with the black pencil – here it is with its replacement erasers, leads, etc. It also comes as a silver pencil. (same price)

The eraser lives under the silver cap. I’m betting I’ll need to beg them for a new cap at some point. #klutz lol

In the supply list I’ve linked a bunch of different polaroid dies (I like the size of the EH ones because you can fit a bunch on one card nicely) – as well as a bunch of different space stamps.

The spiral sketchbook has the same paper as the Stonehenge pad I’ve been recommending for pencil work. Love the surface and texture.

Original photo is on Wikipedia