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Santa is stuck: Airbrush a glowing sky

Airbrush a glowing sky

Santa is stuck! Oh my. Poor Santa. Or even worse, poor ME! What if he ate too many cookies and can’t make it down my chimney? Gasp! In today’s video, I’ll be sharing a little airbrushed background to add behind the scene….unfortunately it’s not a solution to helping him deliver gifts, but we gotta work with what we have, right? LOL! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

There’s a giveaway of this stamp set over on my blog – be sure to go leave a comment to qualify to win win win!Sandy Allnock santa is stuck

Next Wednesday is the fourth in the Stamping Bella backgrounds series – be sure to pop back in to catch it – you won’t want to miss the roaring fireplace!


115 thoughts on “Santa is stuck: Airbrush a glowing sky

  1. Wonderful card and tutorial. Especially the airbrushing which I am new to and the coloring of Santa’s white elements.

  2. Amazing how a purple beard looks white! Thanks so much for all the inspiration!

  3. Once your card was finished the beard and fur really did look white! Beautifully done as always!

  4. great video and great card!!!! love it

  5. Beautiful and fun way to make this guy visit more fun. thank you!

  6. Love your card and how you did the background. It is hard to believe how white Santa’s beard and fur looks after watching you coloring in. TFS

  7. Reds are very frightening to me but I am anxious to try this stamp with the colors you have used! Loving the BV’s too!

  8. Loved this one but then Santa is always my favorite. Your comments are wonderful and so instructive. Thanks!!

  9. Thank you for the great video!!!!! I now know what to do with my airbrush I have (bought on sale and never used 🙂 )!!!! One again, thank you!!!!

  10. Fantastic! Your backgrounds are impressive and your teaching enables us to be successful!

  11. I always learn so much watching you create! And the beard does look white, although I’ll admit I was a wee bit worried when that purple colour went on. Beautiful, cheerful card.

  12. You make it look easy! I’m going to give it a try!

  13. I love the background educations that you give us for these. They are so very helpful and benefifffi

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