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AI Interactive Series #1: Camper Tryfold Card

Happy Camper Tryfold tutorial by Sandy Allnock

A few notes before we get rolling –

  1. Yesterday – a big announcement is over HERE!
  2. Even though some of you aren’t interested in my Bible Journaling,  you still might wanna see Puppies on Ice! They’re at the start of the video.
  3. I’ve added a pretty spectacular painting to my Society6.
  4. Today is the start of a series this week with NEW interactive stamps and dies from Art Impressions…BIG thanks to them for providing them to me so I can show you – and you can decide which if any need to come home with you! (My apologies to your wallet!)



AI Interactive Series #1: Happy Camper Tryfold Card

Campers just make me think of summer vacation – even if I never have take a vacation in a camper before! But a girl can dream, right? This is one of two new Tryfold sets that are tons of fun to put together and color – I used my Prismacolor pencils this time. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

List of Prisamcolors used: 1033, 1002, 918, 122, 945, 1095, 103, 208, 1079, 1096, 935

Here are the panels individually, and a picture of the way the card folds. Stay tuned tomorrow – I have FOUR different layouts for those tryfolds!

And this little produce stand is adorable – with a little raccoon sneaking a snack inside! The stamp on the front went on a little off-center (user error!) so I compensated by putting the “OPEN” sign on the left and an extra potted plant.


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project. Compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

11 thoughts on “AI Interactive Series #1: Camper Tryfold Card

  1. So cute. I saw these in a preview and they are on my wish list along with the Twist Ties.

  2. Congrats on your design team announcement! So exciting ! These are such cute cards! It’s nice to see how they can come to life!

  3. Congratulations on EH Design team–they are so blessed to have you!!

  4. Congratulations that you are in the design team of Ellen Hudson!
    A lot of laughter here by looking the “puppies on ice” great video and beautiful Bible page!
    Your painting is stunning!
    And then these gorgeous cards you made, Art Impressions always have gorgeous stamps, the are so funny. Thanks for all the beautiful things you made, it’s a great way to start the week!

  5. Sandy I absolutely adore interactive cards almost as much as I love stamps and dies of critters but when they are together well I to me I am sold! I love the Tryfold cards and want to thank you for demonstrating how these are put together for us crafters. :O) I look forward to more like this in the near future.

  6. Congrats on joining the Ellen Hutson Design Team – you will be a HUGE asset!! And, thanks for sharing yet another super card – I learn so much from you! SANDY ROCKS!!!!!

  7. Sandy, these cards are delightful. The video is so helpful for a visual step-by-step how to do this. tfs

  8. Happy Camper was my favorite from the new release so I was happy to see you do that one, loved it. Watched the bible journaling, left message over there, and CONGRAT’s on the ELLEN H. news, I buy all my supplies from Ellen and SSS,i love that site, so I will really be seeing a lot of you, between Ellen, here and bible, Oh My, LOL. Super Congrat’s again!!!!!

  9. The Flutter card with the dog,(OMG) adorable!

  10. Have always loved your art work Sandy. Glad you are still doing it. Loved the camping one. Reminded me of our Airstream, when the back window was opened, you would have seen our cat LOUiE sleeping. Brought back many memories. Thanks.

  11. Cute card – and one I think I could actually make! I just checked Ellen Hutson to see the price, and it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared – considering it contains the dies and even instructions! My grandkids call me Grandma Raccoon, (long story), so that cute little fruit stand set will be perfect for me to make & send for most any occasion!
    Thanks for the cool demo!

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