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Adding White Pen Details on Colored Pencil


Adding White Pen Details on Colored Pencil

When coloring on Desert Storm or any colored cardstock, white pencil definitely shows up nicely. But add some white PEN to it and watch the magic happen! In today’s video I’ll show you how to make that cute fuzzy hat and make a so-so image sparkle with texture! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

I bought the cling set (in red rubber) at TGF – there’s also a clear set over at SSS, and it’s got slightly different stamps in it, and I think the characters are a different size. Both are linked in the supply list. 🙂 (Pssst smaller stamps can be colored a little faster!)


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project. Compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

17 thoughts on “Adding White Pen Details on Colored Pencil

  1. […] Add bright pops of white to your stamped images by using a white gel pen. This look is perfect for winter themed cards. Sandy Allnock has a video tutorial showing how she colored these adorable kids with colored pencils and then added the white pen, click here to watch her video tutorial. […]

  2. Is there a list of colors for the pencils you used, am I missing it??
    I love YOUR BLOG!!!

    1. Its on a sticky note around here somewhere – I think I tossed it when I didnt know what project it was for 🙁

  3. […] oops – Friday you got TWO posts – both the pencil card with the two little kids, and the rainbow rose. One was supposed to happen Monday, but….yeah. Stuff happens, right? So […]

  4. Sandy, you did it again- fantastic video. What a difference the white gel pen made! I have all the prismacolor pencils. It certainly is not Christmay. I love the colors. I enjoy watching you apply each color as the stamped image come to life.
    I find so much inspiration in your friendly and relaxing videos.

  5. I looked on your blog, the video and on youtube, but could not find the list of colors that you used in this video. I am most interested in knowing which pencil you used for the skin.

    1. Shoot! There was a sticky note floating around here for weeks with a bunch of numbers on it, and I couldn’t remember which project or medium it was for. I bet it was this one. If I find it I’ll message you. But there are 2 fleshtone pencils – it was one of the two, probably the lighter one.

  6. Love the fuzzy sweater look, and they don’t look Christmasy. I also learned your shading technique with the pencils. Definitely will have to try thst.

  7. Oh so cute! I really like watching/listening to you use colored pencils. Great colors for winter card .

  8. Really cute! 🙂
    I go more prismacolors for Chrismas. Now I need to make them sharp and get them acquainted with my white pen.

  9. This card is cute as a button. The card looks wintery and Valentine-y. Love what you did with the white. TFS

  10. So cute! The details definitely make it extra special. I love the furry sweater. I learn a lot from your videos. Thanks.

  11. Thank you for another video using prima colored pencils. I am enjoying my Christmas gift set of them so much and need so many more lessons.

  12. Definitely nailed the valentine look! Love how you decided to make her sweater so fuzzy – you always think further than I would and its why I love watching and listening to your vids!

  13. I totally need to invest in the artist grade Prismacolors, so sweet and very Valentine-y! LOL

  14. So sweet, Sandy! Definitely Valentine-y! I am soaking up all of your wonderful Prismacolor tutorials. I just received Prismacolors for my birthday gift. Your soft layers and shadows are really lovely on kraft cardstock. You have inspired me to try out my Prismacolors today! Warm hugs! ♡

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