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Adding Drawn Details: Allboxedupabella giveaway

I used to have a boss whose favorite phrase was “smoke and mirrors.” It meant that, as creatives, we have secrets for how we make our magic, and we keep it among ourselves. All anyone else sees is a poof of magical smoke and glitter, and they have no idea how we did our amazing work! This is a way to do that….add beautiful drawn detail on top of your coloring, and your friends and family will be blown away by your skills! Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

I’ve certainly enjoyed visiting with the stampin sistahs over on Em’s blog all month – who knows, maybe I’ll get to come back and play again!

142 thoughts on “Adding Drawn Details: Allboxedupabella giveaway

  1. Cute card and love the details you added. TFS

  2. I so love all the new Bella 2.0 stamps! To be honest I have never heard about Stampingbella stamp before here in UK, until I saw them on your blog. So thank you for introducing me to Stamping Bella 🙂 I think they are so super fun! Thank you for the chance to win x

  3. I am in love with these stamps! The thinking one is so cute, and I can’t wait to get some.

  4. […] via Adding Drawn Details: Allboxedupabella giveaway — Sandy Allnock […]

  5. I LOVE all the new Bella 2.0’s. I have a BUNCH of the old ones but they’re too simple and skinny to color. They were perfect for me back in the day though! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  6. Thanks Sandy for the chance to win that image! I don’t miss a single post you make – I love what you have to teach me. Thank you for your generous time and effort!

  7. ‘Out of the Box’ and into our hearts! Love the shading technique, it is fantastic!

  8. I agree! this last card is gorgeous. The yellow ribbon with the dark gray package is stunning.

  9. Such a beautiful job! Love that yellow ribbon!!! Would love to start an addiction to Bella stamps!

  10. What a beautiful card, I love your colour combo. Stamping bella stamps are really lovely and I didn’t think it was possible to improve them but you have shown that it is. You are an amazing artist sandy and such an inspiration. Thank you!

  11. Bella Stamps are OH SO cute!. They are really different from other things out there.

  12. Love this! TY

  13. This stamp is especially cute, and I love how she’s coloured!

  14. Wow… These stamps are soooooo cute and love to watch you color. You are awesome

  15. Love this stamp the additions you made. Great stamp! Great coloring! Great card!

  16. Box me UP!

  17. Love the new Bella 2.0 stamps. I like that they aren’t quite as skinny – makes coloring a bit easier. (But I love the older ones as well – and the number I have in my collection proves it!)

  18. this has to be the nicest & fun looking Bella of all the posts. Thank you four the chance to win.

  19. I have enjoyed this series. Love the stamps and your colors. I love yellow everything and with black it is so striking.

  20. So cute! Have lots of ideas for this stamp! thanks for sharing

  21. Sine I have been watching your videos and soaking up your talent and excellent teaching skills, I have started to look into more human stamps. I just love your color rainbow, and the Bella 2.0 stamps are darling! I would love a chance to win one, as my craft budget for the next few months is quite limited! Thanks for sharing. Blessings!

  22. I’m loving all the new Bella stamps. I have a few Bellas from the first releases but these are so cute!

  23. Absolutely love allboxedupabella!!! All of the Bella’s are so much fun! Can’t wait to get my first!

  24. love your art!

  25. You color everything just right.

  26. Wow, more great coloring, I love the polka dots! I love the 2.0 Bella’s, my favorite is the Bar bella and flowersbehindmyback stamps! So cool!

  27. I love the fact that you have now introduced me to the Bella collection and the website. Thank you

  28. I love Bella images. She is adorable. Your coloring is amazing!

  29. These “Bella’s” are fun and can’t wait to add to my growing stamp collection.

  30. I have so many of the “old Bella’s” and I love them but it is difficult to know how to color their arms and such. I am so in love with the Bella 2.0’s!! The thought of replacing all of mine is hurting me though!!

  31. This stamping Bella is by far my favorite one. Maybe it is the polka dots. Life is just better with polka dots.

  32. Stampingbella stamps make me smile. I Love them. Greetings from Germany, Mandy

  33. I LOVE all the details – just gorgeous!!!

  34. The Bellas are so much fun.

  35. The new Bellas are great–more options for coloring and you are the master who shows the way!

  36. Love them! So much fun.

  37. Very nice. Love Stamping Bella stamps. I love how they are drawn.

  38. would live to win this

  39. Awesome, love it!

  40. Hi Sandy, Love the bella stamps and your coloring is just amazing.

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