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Adapting Stamps – Drawing Chickadees (Inspired By #4)

This is part 2 of this card – click HERE to see part 1!

Denise’s sweet card featured birds, as I had requested for November’s cards…..and though I have a bunch of bird stamps I got excited about transforming non-chickadees into chickadees. Just to see if I could! Note that Denise doesn’t have a blog, nor shares her cards on Facebook or Instagram….so leave her some love here on this post. Maybe we can talk her into sharing more! [EDITED TO ADD: Denise said the bird stamps she used are cling stamps by Inkadinkado….I wasn’t able to find them online but maybe one of you guys will have better luck!]


Adapting Stamps – Drawing Chickadees

With many bird stamps – you can change them up to make them into other bird species than they were drawn to be. As we learned in the first part of this card – dye inks “move” with Copic markers; stamping second-generation birds (stamping once on scrap paper so it stamps more lightly) allows you to change up the details to match the kind of bird you want to make. The strong markings of chickadees really lend themselves to this technique well – and even though these Scribbly Birds probably aren’t chickadees, it’s pretty easy to turn them into that species.  Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

After creating and fussycutting my birds, all I had left was figuring out layouts and adding branches to the cards. I kept the Copic work very soft and loose so the birds would really pop against the sketchy lines.

Sandy Allnock Chickadee cards 4

The birds were also lined on the back with StickIt before cutting them out, so they were easy to peel off and add to the cards – or to add to dimensional adhesive.Sandy Allnock Chickadee cards 3

The more intense the Copic color on the background, the more intense the branch and leaves need to be, so amp up the color. The same idea probably applies to printed patterned paper – lighter papers with similar colors will be easier to see coloring on. Stronger contrast will make detail colored on top – as well as stamping – difficult to see. So try working with tone-on-tone for best results.

Sandy Allnock Chickadee cards 2 Sandy Allnock Chickadee cards 1

I hope you’ll get your bird stamps out and have a fresh look at them…see if they are chickadees in hiding!


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  1. Stamps: Scribbly Birds by Dina Wakley, sentiments by Wplus9
  2. Paper: Neenah
  3. Copic markers:  C3, N8, E44,  W5,  C2C00, 0 Colorless Blender YG61,  G94E59,
  4. Adhesive: Stick It Adhesive Handy Sheets, 5pk

19 thoughts on “Adapting Stamps – Drawing Chickadees (Inspired By #4)

  1. I’m catching up with your blog posts and YT vids and I’m in love with these background sand how you crated them and the altered birds!! Love how you always see way things from a different perspective and past its limitations to transform things! Great ideas and inspiration from a fabulous artist!

  2. These are great. I really appreciate all the effort Denise put in to her card as well as her great use of color!

  3. Love your adapted birdies, Sandy. We don’t have your chickadees in Europe, but we do have a lot of tits.

  4. These came out so beautifully. These particular stamps seem to be a great way for those of use who are not confident with our drawing skills to dip a toe in the water. I think that by altering the basic design for different birds, that must help train the eye and ultimately help to draw better. This is way up on my list of techniques to try! Thanks for your always inspiring words and examples.

  5. I have been wondering if I could alter my bird stamps so that they can be used for many different occasions: thank you Sandy!!!!!!

  6. Wow,I can’t believe how beautiful they came out.The process into creating these is so simple.I’m so impressed.Thank you for sharing Sandy.There wonderful.

  7. Love those chickadees and your techniques. I think artists need to be good problem-solvers… Always looking for a way to make things work out. I learn a lot about your problem-solving when you do the voice overs and explain your thought process.

  8. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial – and, yes, more Denise, please!

  9. Beautiful! I love watching you color with Copics. I have quite a few of these and really need the tutorials. Do you know what bird stamps Denise used for her card? They are adorable.

    1. I found these bird stamps in a huge clearance bin in Maryland. They’re Inkadinka Clings called Birds. I so glad I rescued them. :0)

  10. Denise, thanks so much for your card to Sandi – it has spun out a lot of information for us and inspiration! Sandi I just love the two videos and what you did – thank you for your time and art – so worth my time to watch you.

  11. Denise, Your card is beautiful. Great job. Sandy, I love your backgrounds and adapting your birds. Thanks to both of you for sharing.

  12. wondering if Denise modified a bird stamp or just drew the little birds on her card…….they are so full of personality.


    1. I found these stamps in Maryland. They’re Inkadinka Clings called Birds. :0)

  13. These are gorgeous! I love your brain …. It’s a beautiful mind!

  14. Awesome! Chickades are our state bird.

  15. Love the sweet birds and the layout on Denise’s cards. And I love the adaptation of birds into chickadees. All wonderful cards!

  16. Love your chickadees! Like most stampers, I’ve stamped & colored my own backgrounds from time to time – but never would’ve thought they could be used like this! Great idea – thank you for pushing the envelope out farther!

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