This post has little to do with Jack Sparrow. Sorry for the false advertising but I figured since most folks follow for the art…a painting might draw you in, right? This quick watercolor in my sketchbook was done for Talk Like a Pirate Day last week. But now…bear with me for some serious news. I don’t usually do news posts but….the deeper I dig, the sadder my heart is.

Puerto Rico is in big trouble after Hurricane Maria. They have not received the attention nor assistance needed; the governor said yesterday they have not received the search and rescue and humanitarian aid requested from DC.  And the Guajataca Dam is staring menacingly at those living below it, ready to break. PR is in for a long haul of problems in cleaning up and rebuilding. Power won’t be restored for 4-6 months – not weeks like it’s been for mainland disasters. Think about that. 6 months….waiting until Valentines Day for basic electricity! And these are fellow Americans.

A little data I didn’t know til this week: Puerto Rico has surpassed the need already reported from the Virgin Islands — by leaps and bounds. USVI has been seeing some aid, and clearly they do need it, don’t get me wrong – but by comparison, two quick stats might put things in perspective:

  • Puerto Rico is 7 times the land mass of USVI
  • Puerto Rico’s population is 3.6 million, USVI 106,000
  • More US citizens live in Puerto Rico than live in the Dakotas, Vermont, Wyoming, and Alaska combined

Hopefully some of that will encourage some giving…they are us. It’s not some foreign country. Below are some ideas where you might like to give…..I’ve been researching local organizations, and this post includes ones I chose to give to. But for those who need a big name to feel comfortable…let’s start out with the big names with excellent ratings who look to actually be helping in PR right now:

Big orgs:

Photo Credit: ABCNews

Local(ish) orgs helping Puerto Rico

Organizations Focused on The U.S. Virgin Islands

Organizations Benefitting Puerto Rico and The Virgin Islands

  • Islamic Relief USA  Established in 1993, California-based. They were on the ground in Texas and Florida for the hurricanes.
  • Black America Web Relief Fund Created by radio host Tom Joyner after Katrina in 2005 focuses on individuals and families who need assistance as a result of publicly declared disasters. Donations can be made here—and those who are displaced or who are hosting people because of the storm can request financial assistance.

Photo Credit: ABCNews