Today’s video isn’t so much of a coloring tutorial as a pep talk! I’ve had some recent news that’s challenged me to do as I say, so I’m doing it. Looking on the positive side!

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As I said in the video – I’m taking a health challenge and turning it to my advantage. I know lots of illnesses are hard, and it can be difficult to find something positive to celebrate. But consider whatever mountain is in front of you: is it making you stronger? Giving you more time to daydream and think about new ideas to execute later? Allowing you time to sit quietly with a sketchbook even if you can’t hang out in a chair in your workspace? Find something to be grateful for – it makes you a happier person…and can likely make you feel a lot better.


That YG67, by the way, is a chewed cap. Courtesy of G when he was a puppy. LOL.


The intermediate class shows some basic principles for creating 5 different types of tree/forest scenes; they’re in fall colors, but just swap out for greens and you’ve got a scene you can use all summer! I also changed up the trees here to be pine branches, so you can change up all kinds of details.


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