Happy last Sunday of Advent, friends! ONLY FOUR MORE SLEEPS!!!

I’ve got a little something different for you today….no tutorial video! Gasp!! But…Punch wanted to sing you a little song, so I decided to let him. Enjoy!

I also thought I’d share a card I made using downloadable line art provided by Copic – they’re celebrating the 12 days of Christmas with a 12-part tutorial coloring by Jayleen. (I couldn’t handle waiting 12 days so I just colored it!) Sandy Allnock Copic 12 Days Card

I made a simple square card with the image, diecutting it with THIS new die set (oooh lala!) and popped it onto a simple card base. I’m giving it to my mail carrier, too, so no extra 21-cent fee on this square card. If you’re wondering how I colored this, I am too. LOL. I did it while very tired and watching tv the other night. I’m hoping to figure out how to recreate the technique soon on another image, so hang tight.

Sandy Allnock Copic 12 Days Card2

The other thing I wanted to share is the answer to “Where oh where did you get the return address stamp you used on the Christmas card you sent me???” Yep, lots of you have asked! So let me share.

I got my new stamps for my card backs and envelopes by following Kristina’s link over to Antiquaria, and I ordered custom calligraphy for the envelope stamp, and I *ADORE* it! And I also had them create a stamp for the backs of my personal cards (not custom, so less expensive). (I have one with my name for OWH cards, but never had one just for me.) The ordering process includes you telling them what it should say, then they email you a pdf to proof. They each come in their own little bag, too…cute eh? I’m keeping them in their bags, and hanging them on tacks above my desk so they’re always handy.

Antiquaria stamps

I also want to give Bailey at Antiquaria a shoutout. She was a HUGE help. Something funky happened to my order, and my package was a stamp short – but she worked to make it all right, and I got the second stamp quickly. YAY! (Those who got my cards didn’t get the ‘created by’ on theirs. But future cards will have the new stamp!) It’s so hard to find good customer service….thanks Bailey, for taking such good care of me!! If you buy stamps from Antiquaria, be sure to tell them I said hey!

Things of note

  • A few winners haven’t yet contacted me…you have til tonight, folks, or I post new winners tomorrow 🙂
  • OhmyGOSH did you see Ellen Hutson’s new site? It just launched Thursday, and I’m so excited for Ellen and her team – and so proud. I’m sure nobody really understands the heroic efforts that go into that kind of an overhaul…but I’m giving them virtual HIGH FIVES for all her success. Be sure to go over and reset your PW right away by acting like you “forgot” yourse  – the old ones weren’t saved – and change your bookmark too!
  • If you’re still looking for the PERFECT gift for someone you really care about – try watching THIS. And take a tissue with you.
  • Patrons: I just revamped the rewards, so if you missed the notice there, check it out HERE.
  • I think sometimes you forget you were born to be awesome. (Here’s your reminder.)