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A little more Stampin Up…..and a little giveaway!

I made a bunch more of these…lots of yummy layers, and a *gasp* uncolored image. I’m thinking I might go back and color them, whatcha think? The rich color in the rest is overpowering, methinks….
I thought I’d bring you a little report on last night’s award ceremony. I wasn’t at all sure what to expect! It’s a little local group that puts on an event called I Celebrate You – and they honor people in town for being outstanding citizens, moms, dads, teachers, coaches, etc. My neighbor Scott nominated me.
It was definitely an event with a local flavor – lots of little technical glitches along the way but they gave it their all! The entertainment was outstanding, though I had to watch it from behind; they had the honorees sitting at the back of the stage. They had a fabulous Korean American Choir, with a soprano that was opera quality from what little I could hear. A dance trio did a beautiful performance to Go Light Your World. And the Chief Medical Officer for the Swedish Health System spoke and talked about how he got to where he was – growing up in rough neighborhoods, raised by hardworking immigrant parents. Pretty inspiring!
This is the little statue we each got. It’s got a genie bottle on top which is bizarre, but I choose to focus on the stars all over it, much cooler 🙂 And the big basket? I won that! For doing a social media task, can you believe it? They stopped the program for a moment and asked everyone to go FB or text someone they want to celebrate and just tell them what they mean to them….and then had a contest, whoever could like their page and comment on it first got a prize. Just call me ‘Fast Fingers Allnock.’ LOL! 
So I hereby challenge YOU – go celebrate someone. Right NOW!  Send them a text, drop some love on their Facebook wall, tweet them, whatever works. And leave me a comment to tell me who you honored (and it can’t be me!) and what you celebrate about them. And I’ll send a random winner a little something later this week – comment by tomorrow night, Monday the 21st. Bonus entry if you come back and tell me what they said in reply to you!

13 thoughts on “A little more Stampin Up…..and a little giveaway!

  1. My friend Melisa did respond. She said back at ya! She said she was also glad we met and that she enjoyed the many different conversations we had had (by phone, messenger and of course in person).

  2. I enjoy your card. I do not think it needs to be colored as the papers do an awesome job.

    I was the recepient of someone celebrating what I did. It did happen before this post but I am still feeling all warm and fuzzy from it. I made Card Kits for a friend in KS that was hosting an OWH party. She truly appreciated all the time and engery that went into the cards. It also help get her mind off of the news that she received about her son who is fighting brain cancer as two new spots were discovered. She posted to OWH page that she was hosted the party this weekend and that I saved the day with the card kits.

  3. I left a post in the middle of the night but I see it is not here. What a nice idea to honor someone. I left some love on Facebook to my friend Melisa. She is one of the original members of a group of online cardmakers from all over the world. The original and second group folded and she opened up a third forum. It has allowed us to all keep in touch for 6 years now. I have been lucky to meet this open friendly lady and she is special indeed.

  4. Of course you need to be honored as you do so much for our soldiers.

    I just sent a message to my nephew via FB who is in the Marines and won't be home for Christmas.

  5. You deserve to be honored, you do so much to support our troops. Thank you.

    I sent a text to my wonderful hubby. He works so hard to support his family.

    I love your card and I wouldn't change a thing but then I hate to color, gasp!
    Marcie C.

  6. Congrats to you! You deserved it!!! I left some love to a long time friend that has been more like a sister than a friend. She has been there for our whole family. One example, of many, is when she rushed to the ER to be with my Dad when he broke his foot. (I live in MI and they live in NJ. My brother was on a cruise.) She is a best friend!!!
    Randee S

  7. Congrats!!!You cartainly deserve any honors you get! I sent a note via fb to my daughter just to let her know that I am proud of her for a) being her b) being one of America's heroes.

  8. Congratulations on the unique honor you received yesterday. I'm going to send a note to my college roommate who is putting herself through grad school now and could use some encouragement.

  9. I love your card! I agree that the bright colors over power the image. There is hope though. add color to the trees and chimney. I think that will give it what it needs.Thanks for sharing.
    My Mom. I e-mailed her to tell her Thank you and I love her.
    Edwina Brown

  10. I left some FB love for a girlfriend who always loved theater and was involved a lot in the drama club years ago when we were in H.S. After all these years she just finished performing in her first play in years, and she had so much fun and will audition for another in the spring. I'm so happy for her!

  11. Well, congrats to you! It's always nice to be recognized for your efforts, local or otherwise! I'm off to email my Mom and tell her how much I love her.

  12. Just left some love for a dear friend on her Facebook wall who's daughter turned 15 today and told her how beautiful she is and that it's hard to think that it has been 15 years. I remember when my friend was pregnant with her Emma.

  13. My guess is the Genie bottle is an ancient oil lamp, so it represents that you are a light to the world. And of course, you are!

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