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A golden portrait

I hadn’t colored anything in a week…and thought a portrait of my girl would be a good start to get me back on that horse…I started by using this to create a light pencil sketch, then dove in with Copics.I shortened 2.5 hours of footage into a 3 minute video….click HERE if you can’t see the video below.

The flowers at the end – Agh. I should have stopped before adding the grass and flowers, but it is what it is. This was the first time i had opened the Opaque White – and was pleased to discover it does completely cover Copic ink, and you can sorta color overtop it too.


48 thoughts on “A golden portrait

  1. Sandy, I stumbled across your YouTube video when I was looking for tips on doing a memorial portrait of my best friend of many years – a Golden Retriever named Loki who passed away recently very suddenly. Thank you for sharing your video! I’m still trying to come up with a list of which Copic sketch marker colors to buy to render him properly since I’m more of a pencil artist. The materials list from your video seems to point to a generic search for “Copic” on an artist materials website; would you happen to have a specific list of colors somewhere? Take care, and cheers to all the Golden’s in our lives. 🙂

    1. Hi Tom! First – so sorry for your loss 🙁 ….I know how that is. I wish I’d been in a state of mind to keep a list of the colors I used for this one, but didn’t. I’ve regretted it since I’d love to redo it larger, too, phooey. There’s a stamped image I colored of her here that at least mentions it in the coloring, but it’s pretty lame: If I ever redo the portrait I’ll post the list and email you. And I’d love to see yours too. Hope Loki and Ciara find each other 🙂

  2. Just beautiful, Sandy! I like the flowers. I love your dog. I’m sorry for your loss.

  3. This is so beautiful. Your love for Ciara shines through. I almost agreed with you about the grass and flowers…until I saw how you finished them. Sorry, but I had to change my mind. They add the perfect bright “heavenly” touch. Thanks once again for sharing your talent with all of us.

  4. ………….. Such a beautiful portrait. You are so truly talented. Keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  5. Oh my gosh….what a beautiful portrait of Ciara. You are just so amazing. I loved the grass and flowers and your rendering of this precious friend was perfect. I have tears in my eyes….for you and for her. She was and always will be the best mascot ever for Operation Write Home, Thank you for always sharing her with us ((hugs))

  6. Sandy, I’m so sorry for your loss. I unfortunately have been there myself and not to long ago I might add. I don’t know what to tell that will help other than time makes it better.

  7. Absolutely Beautiful!!! I so wish I had the talent to draw! You are just Amazing Sandy!!!!

  8. Ciara would have loved to romp through that field of grass and flowers! What a lovely tribute to your best friend! hugs!

  9. Beautiful!!!

  10. Simply amazing! You are sooo talented!

  11. What a great portrait of your girl!!! Just beautiful!

  12. I feel so blessed that I follow your blog and get to visit your great creations! This is a great tribute to your little girl.

  13. Beautiful! Ciara on one of her walks. Thank you for sharing Ciara with us, Sandy. Hugs

  14. So fantastic. It should be in a frame.

    Would love to see more ways to use the Copic Opaque White Pigment. Glad to know from an expert that you can color on top with markers.

  15. I love the flowers and grass- she is surrounded by happiness!

  16. Beautiful portrait of Ciara, great coloring. I like your grass and flowers, but if you want to try another version without them, I know we’d all love to see it too!

  17. Your portrait of Ciara is absolutely amazing!

  18. Your love for Ciara shines through the whole video. When the hubby first saw it, he thought it was a photo. What a wonderful tribute to such a dear friend.

  19. Hi Sandy!
    From one animal lover to another…I have been where you are more time than I feel my heart can bare.
    I am very new to your blog and YT channel and in that short time I can tell just how much your Ciara means to you. I too fell in love with her instantly.
    This piece is absolutely stunning. I can not imagine how emotional this was for you but the end result is priceless! (at least to you anyway.)
    Thanks for blessing us by sharing Ciara with the whole world.

  20. Wow!!! You amaze me!!! I’m speechless!!!!

  21. Beautiful portrait of a beautiful girl!

  22. Beautiful. I hope each day will get easier for you as the sadness gives way to warm and joyful memories. I’m sure she’s looking down from heaven and still feels your love.

  23. You have created such a beautiful portrait! My heart aches for you in the loss of your beloved friend.

  24. A nice reminder of your girl. Very nice. Edna

  25. Ummm…! You are immensely talented, Sandy. What better way to start trying to heal than to use your artistic gift!!

  26. Beautiful art and terrific therapy! Smile!

  27. You really captured her essence! I love the grass and the flowers too!

  28. Amazing job! No words can help what you are feeling, I am so sorry for your loss.

  29. That is simply gorgeous. I like the grass and flowers, too, I think they look great. So, when will you be designing some stamps?

  30. What a beautiful portrait of your fur baby. I like the grass and sky. It’s almost like her now in puppy heaven. She looks so happy. Always smiling with her big ol tongue hanging out. She lived a long happy life.

  31. so beautiful and I like your nail polish too!!!

  32. Memorable and heartwarming…unconditional love, just as His is for us. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  33. Wonderful tribute to Ciara. Just remember to smile.

  34. Sandy your project is wonderful and I love the subject. Lost my best friend, f almost 13 years, last month and will attempt to do a memory keeper for her too.

  35. oh my… the portrait is just so beautiful! I think the meadow with all those flowers made it even more perfect. I really love it and what an awesome tribute.

  36. Clara is wagging her tail at the beauty of this painting. Her spirit is shining through. I like the meadow and flowers I think it really makes Ciara even more beautiful. I feel your love for her in this portrait. Sending you hugs.

  37. This is so beautiful. The colors just flowed onto the paper and made an awesome tribute to Ciara. Thank you for sharing.

  38. Sandy ~ This absolutely beautiful!! What a wonderful tribute to Ciara!! You are such a wonderful atrist!!

  39. You’re a true artist…I’m sure you know that. What a wonderful tribute to Ciara. Smiling and sitting in fields of clover as we speak.

  40. Thanks for sharing, Sandy–such a beautiful tribute to your sweet friend!

  41. AMAZING! Your coloring just astounds me and “your girl” is just as awesome! Thanks for sharing your video with us (and the reality that it took 2.5 hours).

  42. Just beautiful, Sandy. Your love came pouring out for all to see! Treasure those memories!

  43. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  44. I like the grass and flowers and although I am not an artist, I can pick up a tip or two from your videos. I look forward to the day when I can become a patron of your art.

  45. I think its beautiful you captured her spirit and the sweetness in her eyes I’m sure it was an emotional piece to color and it looks like you truly put your heart in it I love this it looks like she’s walking right up to you

  46. Just beautiful Sandy. What more to say.

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