Hi everyone! Sorry about yesterday’s video goofup. The video is now properly embedded in the post HERE. Oopsies!

Since I’m popping into your inbox an extra time I thought I’d make it worthwhile with a report from last weekend’s trip to Florida! I call it “the land of muggy air!”

It was a rare travel-and-teach event for me; I long ago gave up that as part of my business model, unfortunately, for many reasons. The MFT ladies are dear friends of mine, and they tag-teamed me in a phone call to talk me into coming out….please don’t expect that one teaching event means I’ll be traveling nationwide again, that’s just not in the cards for me anymore. I may well go back to MFT again sometime though, because…well let’s just say “8 dogs.” (lol)

So…last weekend I taught three intermediate Copic workshops — 108 students over three days. So. Much. FUN! It wasn’t a beginner class, but I did cover a few basics along the way, along with – of course – the hex chart. lol. Surprisingly a few students didn’t know about it yet! I gave away a hand-colored hex chart in a random drawing to each class.

We didn’t make cards – it was a technique class only because I wanted to focus on as many techniques as we could. I scanned in some stamps and created shapes around them so we could make a really beautiful page with techniques they could remember. I also gave away the page I colored during each class in another random drawing.

We had some beginners in a few classes who also ROCKED it–I think even they were proud of their work! (This is not theirs, it was my demo. With crazy yellow and pink hair….)

MFT has an awesome system to broadcast to a tv from an iPad, which I need to explore now that I’m home–it could be a huge help teaching at my church! Aside from me kicking the plug so the ipad ran out of juice one day (oops!) it worked great.

It uses the app Stage and requires that the ipad be joined to a hub kind of thing, the hub has an HDMI that hooks to the tv. I took a photo, but if I figure out what the parts are that are needed, I’ll post about it.

While watching on a tv is a little like watching YouTube, it was easier to be able to teach this way on screen, then walk around and show people “actual” color and help on a more individual level. I used to have to go to every table in a classroom to demo absolutely every table, which has always been super challenging.

While this was a Copic workshop, it became clear even on day 1 that after 6 hours of coloring, minds were on overload….so students had a choice: I’d do Copic demos of stamps they had purchased (coz we all had bags of goodies!) OR a watercolor demo. Which do you think every class chose?

These were from Saturday and Sunday….

There were of course gajllions of selfies – that big MFT sign was a great backdrop for lots. I don’t have many of the pics on my phone but snagged a few from social media. (If you were there and got pics, share ’em!)

One more crazy tidbit…I stayed at the Lakeside Inn in Mt Dora, about 5 miles away. And in Mt Dora, there is a wonderful house (and its giant wall!) painted like Van Gogh’s Starry Night! AMAZING! The family has an autistic son and it was easy for him to tell people where he lived with a house like this. The town had a big fight with them over it, as it’s a huge traffic hazard (you can’t help but want to stop and look!) but the family won. I do hope they find a way to build a pullout or something so people can stop; I did drive around the neighborhood one day just to get a better look. If you ever visit MFT take a drive over to Mt Dora to see it – it’s worth the little side journey!

That’s my little Florida adventure in a nutshell….wheee! Hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to go see yesterday’s video if you missed it. This weekend I have a bonus video coming up – kinda laughing at my whole “plan” to reduce the amount of videos, because with all the guest videos and special request things and bloghops, I’m now running around like a mad person trying to keep up. Ha!