Oh. My. Gosh. Thank you!

I’m just humbled that so many people have clicked that subscribe button on YouTube! Gah!

So I’m doing a little giveaway…and this one is only being publicized to the folks who watched the video that brought you here. So your chances are even better than usual!

  • TWO lucky winners will get a $75 gift certificate to Ellen Hutson. Paid for by ME!
  • TWO lucky winners will get a $75 gift certificate to Dick Blick. Paid for by ME!
  • TWENTY lucky winners will get a packet of stampy goodness!

How do you qualify to be one of the 24 winners?

Just fill out the short quiz below. It asks for your email, and it’s secure, no worries. I’ll email the winners for addresses. Good luck!

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225 thoughts on “Oh. My. Gosh. Thank you!

  1. Too hard to pick one medium choice! I clicked on copics, but I love your watercolor and pencil videos too. Who am I kidding – I love all your videos!!! I even loved your silly one on how to organize paper scraps that can get out of hand. I ended up with a different system, but your video inspired me to tackle the job and now I have organized scaps by color and can part with the small pieces. Thanks for all you do to teach and inspire!!!

  2. Hi Sandy, another Washington resident here. I put in the survey that my preference was the Copic videos because that’s what I’ve watched most but I love the water coloring and the Bible journaling videos also. I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you!

  3. The day I found you was the day I struck gold and now with the addition of your Bible Journaling I feel complete. Thank you for that! Your question on mediums was the hardest. Like you, I want to try out all and do not want to be boxed in by just one medium. While I like Copics (as I picked) I want to get better at watercolor and watercolor pencil. I am most interested in the shading techniques and have signed up for classes as my budget allows. Again, thank you for all you do and share.

  4. I missed the survey also, but better late than never. If I can add that I like all your mediums. It was hard to choose just one. I would have selected all of the above if it had been an option. Keep up the great work. I have learned so much.

  5. I love seeing in my emails that there is an email from you as I know that I will be educated today. I love how you have made your scenes and I have tried a few .. they don’t look as good but I’m learning. I just subscribed awhile back to your bible journaling. I love bible journaling. I noticed on the survey on what I like to learn or what kind of videos. I wish there was an option to chose more than one as I liked all of them. Thanks for all you do from one Washington native to another Washington native..

  6. Since my dtr has needed to be in another state to go to Mayo, I’ve missed this survey. It’s just me and her in the family, so I do all the advocating, all the support, all the infusions, etc., but know that when things settle down, I definitely plan on taking your art classes, on getting some of you fine art. To the survey, it was quite confining to me because, I wanted to click on more than one answer. I love what you do now, and wouldn’t change anythng, but every day is a change. With you, change would be a good one and a positive one. I’m praying for you and accept my long distance hug….. and another hug, maybe even a tear. Many blessings to you. Oh! I KNEW you and Arkon would be a great fit and glad I introduced the two of you. They’re a great group of people with fantastic equipment. I would love to take my itty-bitty blog to another level, so I’m going to hop on over to enter. BLESSINGS AND SUNSHINE 🙂

  7. Hi Sandy,
    For some reason I missed the survey.
    I just completed it. My answers are very close to what the results were. I really enjoy your tutorials!
    Thank you for all your hard work & dedication. It is appreciated.

  8. HI Sandy, I have just watched your video, what a lovely honest lady.
    I have not long found you it was on You Tube and I was intrigued by Bible Journaling, I had never heard of this. I have been reading all the comments and I think I have found the right place to learn more. I am looking forward to watching videos. I have always loved arts and crafts but never enough time. Thought in retirement it would be different alas no. But three days week while I sit at the nursing home I take my bag of water pens or crayons and try and improve. Colour plays such and important part in our lives and we can give so much pleasure through it.
    Do hope that things can be resolved for you so that you are able to carry on. Until watching your video had no Idea about your insurance problems or that each state is different . I am in the UK.

  9. Hi Sandy, I missed the survey, not sure why, but just filled it out:) I watched the result video, and I would say that my answers are pretty much like most of the highest percentage answers. I also would say that we all love watching your videos because you are true to yourself and open with us, and we LEARN so much from you! I agree totally with all the posts I’ve read, that you are an inspiration and a wonderful person. Thank you for all you do for us, and hope you can continue doing what you love to do.

  10. Somehow I missed this but after seeing the video thought I would add my bit. I watch everything that you put out on youtube and love it all! Also signed up on your Bible journalling channel, looking forward to the 30 day challenge, the new year would be better Jan/Feb/Mar. Thank you for all you do to be a positive, creative and inspirational place on the internet, xxx

  11. Don’t know how I missed your survey before – but I’ve got this now!
    About media preferences on your vids – I checked “Copic”, but honestly, I love the watercolor projects almost as much, and I’ll happily watch anything else you do. I have watercolor pencils and regular colored pencils, but I have a small craft room, and a small budget, so I have to draw the line somewhere on media – I haven’t felt a need to purchase Zig clean color pens. That having been said, I’ll watch any video you do, anytime. I go into your galleries sometimes, and re-watch something that I feel brave enough to try… 🙂
    I’m retired – probably your oldest viewer – so I have the time to watch your videos as soon as I get up in the morning – look forward to them every M, W, & F. Love the classes I’ve taken so far. Thank you so much for being there for me – I’ve learned so, so much from you, and you’ve helped me to get my sister involved in card making too – what a treat!
    I hope you can keep doing what you’re doing – just hang on – this clown that somehow got voted in won’t last forever – then we can get our country put back together and the sun will come out again!

  12. I am so inspired by your talent. I’ve been enjoying your classes for several years now and am seeing improvement in my copic coloring and watercolor techniques. Thank you for sharing your love of color and art with us. It’s contagious.

  13. I love the Copic videos because you’re an expert and that’s my preferred coloring tool but I love your work with other mediums as well. I’ve been living your ink drawings during inktober too.

  14. I LOVE, LOVE when you do Copic videos. I learn so much from them and thanks for that.

  15. I’m not much of a blog reader, but I never miss your videos. To be honest, most of your videos are beyond my level of talent. Try as I might, I cannot make your magic happen on my paper =) I use Copics 80÷ of the time. As long as I have a stamped image I am golden, but doing something free hand ruins it every time! I never get tired of watching you color or paint. It is such a beautiful process to see unfold.

    Thank you, Sandy, not only for the videos you put out, but the person you are who makes the rest of us want to do good things. Anyone who tunes in can see you are a very giving and caring lady with a big heart for others.

    God bless!

  16. Hello, have only just started watching you on you tube and have subscribed to your blog. It’s ages since I left art school and I have got rusty but you provide such a lot of reminders of my lectures and inspiration. Thank you so much and keep it going, I must admit currently I watch your new videos but am also watching lots from the past to get reminders. Thank you for accepting my subscription.

  17. Sandy, I am a devoted fan of every video you do. You are what we all aspire to be like. Thank you for all you do for us. And we love your dogs too?

    Love, Dana

  18. Love your videos, Sandy! You have taught me so much & make things look so easy that I just have to try it. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  19. The seven questions were great although it was difficult to decide between topics and bible journaling. I only follow two on bible journaling and your content is so touching to my spirit! Thank you for all the hard work and effort you put into your blog and videos for us! It is greatly appreciated and prayers for you you!

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