It’s finally here! Another epic adventure that felt like birthing a child. Not that I’d know, but, it’s what I imagine!

Tips for Bible Journaling

Recently I participated in a 30 day coloring challenge…and I challenged myself to color in my Bible daily. Or should I say Bibles – I knew at some point I’d do some testing of mediums and books, so this was an effort to dive deep and just get ‘er underway! I had been journaling occasionally for almost a year, but hadn’t come to any “conclusions” about much of anything – and the questions have been coming at an increased pace. So I knuckled down and began the hard work of testing through things as best I could while keeping life afloat!

I developed a beautiful devotional process through that month-long challenge, and am happy to say – the habit was fully developed! I may not be journaling every day, but the daily habits I began have continued, and what a blessing! 

In today’s video I’m just rolling through stills as I share my three biggest learnings from this adventure. And I know there could be some disappointment that you aren’t seeing the backs of pages; it’s odd that as soon as anyone looks at my Bible pages, they flip to the back before they can even handle looking at the front! (Recommendation: please don’t do this to others, it feels really weird that people care more about the back side! Just ooh and aah and casually see the back later.) Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube. Then come on back here for some more info.

Top 3 things you should know:

  1. It’s all about time with God. If you’re just rushing to get a page done, you’re missing out on the BEST part of this process: time with God! It’s worth it to take the time to read, pray, meditate – and then create.
  2. It’s about being authentically you. Go on a Pinterest and Instagram fast if you find you feel inadequate, or discover you’re just copying what others create. This process is about you hearing from God and creating from your heart – not about being Pinterest-worthy or comparing yourself with ANYone else.
  3. It’s not about the art. Weird, right? But you don’t need to have #allthethings. You don’t have to buy all the supplies. For a long time I let the fear of the cost stop me – I worried I had to buy gessos and research how to use them, and buy all the kits, and get the right paints – and no, you start with what you have. A pack of pencils is PERFECT. Dollar store pencils. Yep, I said it. Dollar store.

Way more information. Did I say way more?

A lot of you have been anxiously awaiting my verdicts on mediums, using them in ways that don’t bleed through, etc. And rather than create a five hour YouTube video, I’ve set up TWO ways to deliver a ton more information to you.

For one, I decided to make it a class. An online class. And it’s on sale right now, too! Bible Journaling 101 is self paced – which means you can buy the class, and you’ll get the email with a link and your password…and you can dive through all 10 lessons if you want. Or save them. Savor them. Whatever works for you! I know some will want to “survey” all the mediums before deciding what they want to start with or try, so I made it that way especially for that reason.

My favorite part of the class – and I hope it’ll be yours too – is the Process lesson. I went into pretty good depth on how I heard God through my devotional time and how I would get images from Him by the time I journaled in the evening. In my in-person classes this year, I’ll be going into even more depth with students about that, but for now until we find out if I’m coming to a city near you, you can get the class HERE.


And number two, I’ve created THIS master page to house all my Bible Journaling info. FAQ, Bible links, Products I use and a good bit of info about them, and a gallery of the pages seen in the above video (and I’ll add to it over time). A lot of that information is pulled from the testing in the class – so technically you can get the “verdicts” from the list, but I know many of you will want to see it yourself.

process - thumb

My prayer for you

My desire is to see more people getting into a deeper relationship with the Lord through creativity. I pray this helps you to get to know your King better. If that happens while you’re doing the devotional part of the process and you never get to the art part, that’s totally fine with me. Mission accomplished!

Whether you’re one of those just looking in over the fence, afraid to start, or if you’re an experienced Bible journalist who just wants to explore more….I pray this information takes you deeper with God. This is all about your relationship with Him. If you’re just making art and not getting to know Jesus better….then you’re just making art. Don’t miss the best blessing!


I’m going to be listing supplies for Bible journaling over on the Bible Journaling page. That way I can update in just one place. Click HERE to go see all that information. Thanks!