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2T&AR visits again

A little hello! Watch below or over on YouTube by clicking HERE! And here’s that link.

38 thoughts on “2T&AR visits again

  1. I read something a while ago about the American Indians out West making blankets and how they always put in a few wonky stitches because only the Great Spirit is perfect! Don’t know if that actually happened, but it stayed with me and I like to believe that it’s true, because it reminds me not to expect perfection from anyone, myself included! I love what you do Sandy. So happy to have found you !!

  2. Some people get a big charge out of tearing other peoples works down. I call them “artistic bullies”! I have learned SO much from you and get so much inspiration! I totally love the fact that you do not edit out your bloopers or mistakes. It makes me feel like there is hope for me because I make a TON of mistakes! Please do not stop your videos because of some know it all’s that want to correct the teacher!! Thank you!!!!

  3. Love your videos. Unkind has become common these days. No, I don’t think it is OK and No, I don’t think it has anything to do with Trump as some might suggest. It has all to do with social media; people feel it is OK to blurt out anything that comes to mind on social media because they can be “unknown”. No face to face communication now a days, makes it easier to just say what you think, instead of using your manners or a filter. as Most of us “older/wiser” people were taught.
    Best of all…good luck with all your projects and looking forward to learning more about them.

  4. If you can’t say something nice then say nothing- totally agree! Why do some people feel the need to put other people down? Thanks for your videos Sandy, I love watching ❤️

  5. hi there. thanks for all you share…and for what others share, too. and… mistakes? who makes mistakes? These are just artistic license.

  6. Shame on them. Some call it the Trump effect

  7. I had a mean spirited comment on my blog once. Thanks to many supporters it didn’t get me down, but for a slight moment I was devastating. Spread kindness. I love that you are real and make mistakes…it proves you are human and not a super hero we all need to live up to. Actually you are a super hero and I got to raise my standards…ha ha.

  8. Want to add my support to say thanks for all you and the other crafter/blogger/teachers..
    …do to help us along our journey to improve our skills. I hope those making hurtful comments will take note and stop doing so.

  9. Just wanted to thank you for all your wonderful videos. I have learned so much from you. Just wanted to share the love!! Wish that all the negativeness in the world would stop. It seems to be everywhere. I look forward to blog and all the happiness that it brings! Thanks so much for all your inspiration and tutorials!!!

  10. I love your videos Sandy and am just so grateful for how much you teach us. I was so glad you had the courage to stand up to the negative people and I hope it helps. I actually love to see you experts make mistakes because it helps me learn how to correct them also. And I make lots of mistakes!

    As for a short video, how about colouring in leaves on flowers? I always seem to struggle with this. I’m not sure if you’ve already done this and I just haven’t seen it.

  11. As a tutor card maker for seniors I am always showing or telling them of my mistakes so they learn from them, most of the time they don’t know I’ve made a boo boo. But my motto is “there are NO mistakes in crafting only creative opportunities”. if I do make a mistake which does happen sometimes I change the gameplay to slightly alter the design I had in mind. How rude for people to criticise someone else’s art.

  12. I love your videos. I love when mistakes are made or corrected. We are all human, it’s a hand crafted item. I don’t think people should call you or anyone out on it.. They have never made a mistake.. I do and will. I try to cover it with part of an embellishment or just let it be and mention it on my blog I know I goofed up. I love the variety of your videos. I have learned so much. I may not have same supplies but similar ones so they adapt. I think I would like to know what ink brands are best for Copics .. what ink bands are best for Water coloring. Isnt it awesome having fur babies. I love my two. Now that I am retired I enjoyed them all the time.

  13. How about a video for comic beginners? Which numbers do you recommend to start? Difference between sketch and Ciao. Maybe you have already done this. I just love your art work!

  14. Woo Hoo Thanks for being real — as always. I am always uplifted when I interact with you on the Web. I find your down to earth reality including the imperfection encouraging, this humanness frees me to try the skill & make mistakes and learn from it. I teach very young children and find this “pervasive perfection problem” to be discouraging to them too! We learn from our and our peers both through their success and all other forms of normality! I am looking forward to seeing your upcoming 6!! projects!

  15. Quick idea – do you store Copics laying down or standing up? I just saw a very nice video from Rach0113 that showed her making a star card filled with “be nice” sayings. One page stood out – Be kinder than necessary. Now your 2T&AR so I guess I have my daily inspiration for the day! Besides, it always, ALWAYS, makes me feel good when I say something nice to someone else.

  16. Welcome back! Love your rant! My parents always taught me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, to not say anything at all and I teach that to my son and to the youth I work with at my church. I live by that motto. Can’t wait for the new website. As always, I love what you do for the crafting community.

  17. Welcome back. Love the Things and Rant. Agree with all. Excited about new site. Looking forward to the classes.

  18. Thanks for your video and I know you are a Christ follower 🙂 so over the years I have learned that “hurting people hurt people”. Those that comment rudely or harshly or without filters are usually insecure or hurting. We can react to those comments in His fullness and walk away knowing where our value comes from. I love your work and you have taught me so much and enhanced my card making!
    So thankful for great teaching format, beautiful skills and an awesome laugh.
    Your Canadian fan

  19. I love watching your videos and look forward to all your tips. I am always amazed that people leave negative comments. I agree if you don’t like it just move on. What possible joy would anyone get from pointing out an error.
    Please, please don’t stop posting your creations~they are just wonderful! I have learned so much from you.

  20. I think background puppy music is great. It’s like I’m visiting a friend in her home, very cozy, comfy atmosphere. So sorry there is so much negativity out there. I don’t blog at all but I was blessed to be a Friday card maker back in OWH days and was blown away with the amazing comments left by people I don’t know. Now I always leave a like or rarely just pass by a post that’s not for me. Thanks for reminding us there is a real live fellow crafter who loves what she does on the other side of that blog post.

  21. As for discourteous comments, I believe there is an uptick in hyper criticism & internet trolls ever since our last presidential election. I’m not sure why this is so, but maybe the caustic tweets are giving some the “power” to also be mean. Very sad.

  22. I love the puppy noises!! My cat thinks she has to help any time I sit down to create, or read email, or talk on the phone, heaven only knows how I managed before we adopted her 🙂 When I first started making cards, I sent them to my friend who always pointed out my mistakes, so I stole Jennifer McGuire’s quote… It’s handmade, not hallmark. I say, Ask yourself two questions before you post, 1. Is it kind? 2. Is it necessary?

  23. I firmly believe “what the world needs now is love sweet love” No one is forced to watch a video so if you don’t like it just don’t watch.

  24. I personally love to see bloggers make mistakes, especially when they show me how to correct them! There are common mistakes that even the most experienced crafters/artists make and it really is encouraging to note that I am not the only doofus out there on any given day. Most of the people I give to are really gracious about not pointing out the tiny ink smear or not quite accurate borders or inaccurate colors etc, etc, etc but express gratitude that I spent my time to create something just for them! It’s the small minded who feel they must shoot to kill the heart of others. Unfortunately, it does seem to be getting worse.

    re: quick tips: if you have an easy way to fix a card when you glue down your layers only to realize they are kind of wonky. I usually use ATG tape or wet glue, and I don’t usually notice until things are REALLY stuck down! Or even just lining up a card front onto a card base! Thanks for all you have ever taught me (for free).

    I have this theory: if I really don’t like a video, turn it off. If I don’t like someone’s delivery, find another crafter to follow. No need to nit pick, unless you are the one with the nits!!!

    1. I second Ambecoming’s suggestion on getting everything straight on a card! Has to be one of the most frustrating things to do….figured there must be a secret trick to it!

    2. When I have some thing a little off I try to see if I can add an embellishment or sentiment also a little off so the mistake looks intentional. I am a firm believer in the first commandment of card making, there is no such thing as a mistake, only a new design

  25. I agree with you completely. The world of art should be a supportive community. I belong to a closed Facebook international group which has grown to over 5000 since maybe December. The amount of positive comments and “atta girl” posts is amazing. The negative comments are so few and far between that I think we all write them off as someone was having a bad day. I appreciate all of the time and effort you put into your posts and videos. Thanks so much!

  26. I agree with you. We all make mistakes/errors. Don’t we learn from our errors, I do.
    Don’t stop showing your doggies. Love them. You do things because you love what you are doing. You love your dogs and crafting…..

  27. I think you could still go ahead with your vids Sandy! We all know you have pups! Personally the water slurpin’ didn’t bother me in the least 😀
    As for the kindness bit it’s easy folks…if you can’t say something nice (and I bet if you try you CAN!) then just walk away….WALK away! 😀

  28. Do the people who call out those little mistakes or omissions really think they themselves are perfect? I never feel like I can throw stones at anybody! Also, I’m just so darned grateful to you, Sandy, for putting up 3, (count ’em – THREE), video tutorials every week. To me, that’s just amazing, and something that I look forward to, and count on to start at least 3 days of the week, with a big smile! I had no idea there could be that many mean OCD’ers out there – 3 cheers for calling THEM out! There are so many more great things to comment on.
    Thanks for ALL you do!

  29. I am so glad you have spoken out about this. I don’t walk away but I often say “embarrassing as it may be when these goofs happen, I chuckle and remind myself that I have made those mistakes too, so hang in there”

  30. Agree with you totally!!! No excuses for just plain meanness!!!

  31. I think our new attitude needs to be: here is my video… Like it give a thumbs up… Don’t like it Go Play by yourself. Thanks have a blessed day!!!

  32. I agree with you, Sandy. I have noticed ” thumbs down ” on videos. And my thought is, how can people put a thumbs down, when people are being so kind as to put the video out there, if someone doesn’t like a video, they should just X out of it. I could go on and on. But I won’t. I’m in total agreement with you. I think the videos I watch, including you, are the most talented, creative, artistic woman out there. So all you amazing women, please keep doing what you do best.

  33. For Heaven’s sake, we all make mistakes. I appreciate seeing them to know that I’m not the only one who isn’t perfect. I really like it when you show how to “fix” a mistake, and often the correction ends up being better than the original idea. I know that I have come up with some creative ways to overcome something that didn’t turn out right. Instead of being critical of something that gets missed or isn’t perfect, we should be glad to know that the finished product is original and unique.

    Then there’s the thing about being self-conscious. I made a card just this morning for a group of people to give to someone. I deliberately put some of the elements on the inside of the card at an angle instead of making them all neat and straight because I like the way it looks. BUT, I’m still worried that the people who sign the card will wonder why those elements are all askew. Part of me wants to point out to them that it was on purpose, but part of me says to keep my mouth shut & if they don’t like it they don’t have to sign it. Honestly, probably no one will say anything to me, & most likely they will realize it was intentional, but I still feel all self-conscious about it.

    1. Oh, and by the way, give those puppies an extra pat from me.

    2. BTW, no one said anything about the wonky elements on the card & the recipient was very touched.

  34. So nice to see you again! I really enjoyed this, Sandy! I totally agree with you that people are getting meaner with their comments. This hasn’t happened to me personally but I see it more and more on YouTube videos. I think a lot of people in the world are angry now and they seem to want to cut others down. I’m with you – if someone doesn’t like your card, video, whatever, they should just not look at it, go elsewhere, find something they do like. Sometimes I think the world has gone crazy! Best wishes on your new project and I look forward to hearing more about it! I think your puppies are sweet! Enjoy your weekend!

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