This year’s 24 Tags of Christmas 2019 marches on with a painted candle in watercolor! I bought this stamp some time back and am finally getting it all inked up.

In the video I show how to paint the full background in case you decide to make a whole card, but I trimmed the candles down to more tag-size since the full image would have been way too big. Well, unless it’s tied to a new car. Coz, well, that needs scale. LOL. (Hear me, Santa?)

View on YouTube.

As with each tag day, I made four of them – so when I finish with all six videos, I’ll have 24 for the big giveaway!

To add the ribbon, I just punched two holes in it with an office hole puncher, threaded two sides of the ribbon through it, tied a knot. Then folded the ends of the ribbon in half and cut them at an angle to create the two points.


Be sure to comment on this post as well as over on the YT video by November 16 to qualify for the tag giveaway – winners will be announced on November 17!