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24 Tags of Christmas 2017: Heavenly Angels

24 Tags of Christmas 2017: Heavenly Angels

Today’s tags are VERY simple – jus watercoloring the background to look like a starry sky for the beautiful angel to float in! Get some wrapping paper to match and you’ll look like a genius – with just a teensy bit of effort. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.


As is tradition, I’ll be choosing winners for each of the 24 tags made in these 6 videos – leave comments on the blog as well as on YouTube for more chances to WIN!

Bible Craft today: Two different advent calendars!

All week I’m offering up tutorials on my other channel – and these advent calendars can both easily be adapted to secular themes…enjoy! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YT.


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project. Compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

113 thoughts on “24 Tags of Christmas 2017: Heavenly Angels

  1. Fabulous tags and advent ! Love all the ideas!

  2. The angel stamps are really beautiful. I like your sky technique with clouds. I am enjoying your tags series. Thnks.

  3. Wonderful idea of just coloring the background and love the idea of the clouds created with baby wipes. I always learn so much.. hope you survived the wind storm last night.. all well in SW Wa.

  4. Love the easy but very colorful tag. What a great idea.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful tags, You are always so sharing and helpful with ideas that are just lovely. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

  6. Very pretty and elegant angel tags!

  7. OMG, these are beautiful! I love the tip on making the clouds; thanks for that!

  8. Beautiful angel tags and love how you created the clouds.

  9. Oh soooooooo CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing these projects!
    Paper Hugs,

  10. Heavenly ! Such a beautiful take on a more adult angel. X

  11. Absolutely STUNNING Sandy…and, it looks sooooooo easy! Thank you for sharing your expertise!!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  12. The angel tags that you created are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your talent, I look forward to seeing everything you create.

  13. Beautiful tags and GREAT ideas for the Advent Calendars!!!! The Calendars would make an excellent gift for a family with small children! TFS!

  14. Love the simplicity of this tag, yet it looks so pretty. Really like the unpainted angel, makes her look ethereal in the heights of heaven. I also like the variation on the blues and the clouds. NICE!!

  15. Great tags! So simple and elegant! Thanks for the idea.

  16. Love the looseness of the watercolor and the dark pigments. This is watercoloring right up my alley. Gorgeous tags.

  17. I love the angel tags…..with her just flowing around those clouds and the blues and purples…
    well done Sandy

  18. My aunt will be delighted if I created such a gorgeous tag for her, thank you for the inspiration !

  19. Love these beautiful angel tags with the heavenly background. Thanks for another awesome video.

  20. Beautiful!!

  21. How pretty! I’ll have to remember this one for sure – simple, but very elegant.

  22. These are beautiful tags. Blue is my favorite color paired with angels makes an amazing duo.

  23. Thanks for showing us the watercolor clouds technique! Love how simple these tags are, but don’t look fast…they look like you took a lot of time to make them! I loved the advent calendar with the muffin tin! So darn cute!

  24. Simply Heavenly…..ethereal.

  25. Beautiful sky background. I recently received the complete set of DS dot charts and will try out the colors you’ve listed.

  26. Gorgeous backgrounds, in this way the image pop’s up. Thank you for this great idea.

  27. What a perfect way to showcase this lovely image with just a colored background!

  28. You made this tag look so easy to paint. I love the angel floating through the heavens.

  29. Stunning tags Sandy, you work is always amazing, love the tip on how to create the clouds!

  30. I love the tag with just ainting the background. It looks fantastic. I didn’t know of the baby wipe tip and will definitely begin using that for the clouds. Thank you!! Your tags are beautiful!

  31. Wow!!! Lovely angels!!! Backgrounds are absolutely amazing!!!

  32. These are lovely!

  33. Just so beautiful and elegant. Thanks for the inspiration.

  34. BEAUTIFUL angel tags, and great color too! I also love the Advent calendar ideas too!

  35. This project has inspired me to make my own angel tags. So beautiful!

  36. Another beautiful set of 4….. The baby wipe tip for clouds was well received. Your tags inspire for me to keep learning and expanding my world with a paint brush, not just copics or sponge daubers.

  37. I love that the stamp isn’t colored, but the background is and that makes it so beautiful!!

  38. Oh my I’ve got to make some of these…the moms can have the muffin tin after and the circles can be used over and over but nice and small to pack away… Love Love Love this idea…Thank you so much

  39. Great tips and gorgeous tags. Thanks for sharing.

  40. beautiful… so calm and pretty…Good idea to hang them on the tree…no way I could give it away if I won it…but would be willing to share it with everyone on the tree

  41. Hi Sandy,I just love this background.I don’t know if I could have restrained myself from coloring the angels.Nice tags though.

  42. Wonderful tags. Might just get me over the avoiding watercolor because I don’t want to mess us hump! Thanks!

  43. Heavenly hosts! Beautiful tags!

  44. These are gorgeous , I have learned how to do a sky by watching you, thank you.

  45. What a gorgeous tag…and so easy!

  46. Loove this gorgeous tags
    This stamp set is so beautiful.

  47. Angels were beautiful.. I love the simplicity but f the tags, however, it look Iooked so dramatic!

  48. Beautiful. Love the heavenly background.

  49. Such beautiful tags. Thanks for sharing. This is something I would definitely be capable of achieving.

  50. Lovely angels. I hope your recipients save your artwork.

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