Quick little reminder that the auction is nearing an end – BID quick! And mark next Saturday on your calendar….World Cardmaking Day AND a “flash” charity auction to benefit the victims of Hurricane Florence this time! 🙂

PS a peek at the 3 new classes….and I have a new haircut. lol.

Inktober is also starting on Monday – It’s so wonderful that there are “holidays” all about art -and Jake has created an October filled with ideas! Here’s some info from Jake…


Jake Parker has a page about rules but – pretty much anything goes! The whole idea is to draw every day of the 31 days this month. It’s great practice! Don’t worry if you can’t draw – just doodle! Drawing a little something every day helps us grow what skills we do have and that’s always a good thing.

What to draw?

Like Jake says sometimes the hard part is thinking of something to draw – well he’s got that all ready for you! (Don’t like a word? See a previous year’s list HERE!)

What medium?

Just a plain piece of paper and a pen works! Or markers. Or Sumi ink. Or whatever! Just fill a sketchbook with doodles!

If you join in, let’s share our Inktober pieces in the Student Facebook Group – it’s a really encouraging group of fellow travelers on this artistic road. Let’s inspire each other!