Happy Day 9! I hope you’re not in the midst of a blizzard, but if so – the Sleigh Ride song might make your day a little better, maybe? Just pretend you’re shooshing and whooshing in a horse-drawn sleigh!

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For the song version – this one comes with its own Pentatonix yule log! Pull up a chair and blanket and enjoy….

For my tag I brought back that darling waving Arctic Pals penguin again! He’s so funny! I put him into the Bear Ware 4 wagon in the middle of a blizzard!

How to fix crusty, gunky, bloopy Copic Marker nibs in 30 seconds (the “bag trick!”)

This is one of the quick videos from the free My Virtual Studio class that I wanted to make public, so even those without time for a class can learn how to fix the crusties! Feel free to share it with your friends on Facebook who have this problem on a regular basis – let’s save the world from gunky marker nibs!