I can't stop embellishing.

Cards, that is! I love embellishing my handcrafted greeting cards.
Scroll through my blog to see my daily posts, leave some comments, and ask questions…
your feedback just could inspire one of my weekly videos, too!

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Ciara's Friends Stamp Line

My brand new stamp line at Whimsy!
Launched in January 2014, new stamps will be
added to the collection every other month, so stay tuned for more!

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I teach both online and at local stores – check out the schedule to see where you can find me next!

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About the artist

I’m a Jesus-loving, scrap-wrangling, patriotic sleep-deprived artist.
I travel with Copics, swear by Y17, the Precious, and remember, everything’s in  the Doobliedoo!

Coming soon: a store!

Why, yes, there is a store coming, Virginia! That is, as soon as I get it populated and all the widgety things worked out. And a few tax things, too. This apparently ain’t for sissies. Subscribe to the blog to be notified when it’s up and running in the next few months!

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Check the blog to see daily creations and news about what’s going on around here!

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Find out if there’s a crafty class near you – either on the internet or in your town!

Did you just say store?

At some point soon an online store is coming – cards, digis and more. Stay tuned!

About the artist

Find out more  - bio, crafty resumé, hopes, dreams, and all that stuff.