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I’m Sandy and I help people see themselves as artists and encourage them to use their God-given talents to express themselves. You were born with creativity, and I want to help you release it by providing live and virtual experiences that equip you to go out and create! [more]



Coloring Tree Farms (New Purple Onion release!)

Before I get started - today is the last day of the sale on classes AND to enter the giveaway- more info HERE! A visit to the tree farm I've always bought my tree at the local boy's club lot...mostly because, well, those trees have already been killed, and going to a...

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Penguin Week #6: [too many] watercolor fix it tips

  Too many watercolor fix it tips Maybe there aren't too many. I don't know. But it sure felt like I had a bunch of repairs to make! Knowing how much some of you love seeing me fix things, though, I kept the footage to post. Enjoy! Watch the video below or click HERE...

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“Squeeze as much learning out of each piece of paper as you can.” —Sandy

As always, gorgeous work Sandy! I could watch you color all day. You make it look easy enough that even I could do it!

Carol J.

Thank you for your cheerful and positivity woven through the video. It’s catchy and I always leave with such a smile on my face!

Rosy N.

I’m SO encouraged to keep working with watercolors; thanks for reminding us that even the experts have “yikes” moments! Thanks!

Gini K.

I have learned so much from you from Copic coloring to water colors. I have branched out to places I never thought that I would!


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